Southeastern Association of
Teachers of Japanese (SEATJ 2010)
Duke University, May 8-9, 2010


2010 SEATJ Conference Proceedings

PDF files of the conference papers can be accessed by clicking on the links below. Authors' names are organized alphabetically.

Anzai, Shinobu (United States Naval Academy) “Teaching Culture through Reading: Suggestions for Intermediate and Advanced Courses” (1-10)

Aoyagi, Yoshimi Yamagata and Suwa, Natsuko (North Carolina Japan Center)
“Japanese Education after K-12 and College” (11-16)
2010 Questionnaire Results

Bhattacharya, Mahua (Elizabethtown College) “Watch What They Read!  Promoting Culture or Stereotypes?” (23-31)

Brooks, Youko (University of South Carolina) “Traveling to Japan with University of South Carolina Capstone Scholars: A Summer Study Abroad Experience” (32-50)

Doi, Megumu and Peters, John (University of Tennessee) “Engaging in Collaborative Learning in the Foreign/Second Language Classroom)” (51-56)

Ishida, Mayumi (Dartmouth College) “Effective Use of Video Technology in Japanese Language Education” (57-69)

Kato, Fumie and Ichinoseki, Kazuko (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Tracking in Third Year Japanese Language Courses” (70-76)

Kawada, Setsu (University of Denver)パワーポイントの楽しく効果的な活用法(77-88)

Kishimoto, Toshiko (Clemson University) “Learning Culture and Society through Films with Technology” (89-98)

Kobayashi, Rika (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) “The Effectiveness of the Keyword Method in Kanji Acquisition for Second Language Learners” (99-111)

Mouri, Noriko (The University of Kansas) “Effects of Singing on the Vocabulary Acquisition of University Japanese Foreign Language Students” (112-121)

Osuka, Shigeru (Seton Hall University) “デジタル・ストリーテリングを利用した日本語初級作文教育(122-131)

Sogabe, Ayaka (Vanderbilt University)  

Takahashi, Nobuaki (East Carolina University) “The Effect of Perceptual Saliency on Recasts in a Foreign Language Classroom” (140-151)

Zimmerman, Erica (United States Naval Academy) “Telling about Experiences in Japan: Constructing Student Identity through Membership Categorizations in Talk by Korean Speakers of Japanese” (152-185)