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Past events

This link is here so that if you attended an event in the past you can find information to help refresh your memory.

FedEx Info Session. Ever wonder how all those millions of packages and cargo shipments make it to their destinations? If you're looking for an opportunity to put your technical skills to work with a leader in the technology development world then check FedEx out.
Ford Process Leadership presentation, an info session discussing Ford's approach to IT and the employment opportunities offered by this approach. A PowerPoint viewer for windows 98 is available here.
Eli Lilly Info Session. A leading innovation-driven pharmaceutical corporation, Eli Lilly is looking for talented students who are interested in working in the fields of Information Technology, Financial and Sales.
A session about things to do over the summer such as internships, how to handle finding one that's good for you, what to expect at interviews, etc.
Graduate school advice
Ultimate Frisbee Challenge '99

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