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The Five W's of Informal Rush

What is informal rush?
Informal rush is a way for a sorority to add new sisters in a much more relaxed, social setting. Informal rush is study breaks, movie nights, barbeques, and other events where rushees can meet sisters while they have a good time. During informal rush, rushees can learn about the chapter by talking to sisters who have experienced all that AEPhi has to offer.

Why informal rush?
Informal rush has a lot to offer to both sisters and rushees. It is a very enjoyable time and allows everyone a greater opportunity to learn about each other in greater depth. Sometimes sisters even find themselves getting to know each other better through rush! Rushees often find that informal rush allows them to judge whether AEPhi is the right choice for them.

When is informal rush?
Alpha Epsilon chapter holds informal rush in both the fall and the spring. Spring rush is held immediately following the conclusion of formal rush.

Who is involved in informal rush?
Freshmen are eligible to rush only in the spring semester. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors may rush at any time.

Where can I find out more about informal rush?
If you have any questions about informal rush, or would like information on Alpha Epsilon Phi's spring informal rush, please fill out our contact form or contact Chandra Jacobs, rush chair, at 613-1428 or

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