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Why AEPhi?
"My favorite thing about AEPhi is the unquestioned acceptance. My sisters have shown me that it's okay to change, and even more okay to stay true to myself and not change."

"AEPhi has been an important part of my life because it preserves my sanity. You'll always be able to count on your sisters!"

"I decided to go to my first AEPhi rush event because I'd just finished my orgo exam, and I needed to eat dinner anyway. I never expected to meet such a great group of women, and to find the friendship, support, and fun I gained from membership in AEPhi."

"AEPhi has put me in contact with wonderful people and taught me that Greek systems aren't all I once thought. I do think AEPhi is a good option for girls who are interested in sororities, but might not find what they want in formal rush."

"To me, AEPhi means togetherness and friendship. So many of my friends are Phis and I can't imagine Duke without AEPhi."

"I decided to join AEPhi because I just had a feeling that this was where I belonged. In the end, it was well worth the time and effort I put in over my years in college."

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