On March 21st at the Duke Coffeehouse, 6 Duke bands and 6 UNC bands will rock your faces off and you help decide the winner! We will have a killer dance party after the event for all the guests! Plus, free coffee and snacks for the audience!

Playing for UNC:

The Huguenots

Lake Inferior

The Nomad Kings




Playing for DUKE:

Cool Ethan

Panda Force

Soulless Dogs

David Eisenband

Tauri Wind


Each of the 6 bands will be performing a short set at the Coffeehouse and a jury and the audience will decide the final 2 bands from each school ! The 2 remaining bands will be performing a longer set and a winner will be chosen based on audience response and the jury's marks. THE WINNER, may they be from Duke or UNC, WILL BE PERFORMING AT DUKE'S LDOC AND WILL RECEIVE A CASH PRIZE!

March 21st