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Friday, August 30, 2002
130 Soc/Psych (Zener Auditorium)
7:00-10:30 PM

Welcome Back! Pick your shows this meeting :)

Welcome to the homepage of DukAnime, Duke University's anime club! Besides special events such as group convention trips and free movie screenings, we're offering a diverse and interesting selection of regular club seri es and OAV's. On this page you'll find information about the club, meeting times and places, general information about anime, and more! (And yes, our shows are subtitled... :) )

What's New?

8/30/02 New DukeAnime Homepage!
3/18/02 Freewater and DukAnime Present....

Freewater and DukAnime are co-sponsoring a series of Japanese animation films to be shown in Griffith Film Theater in the Bryan Center over the next five Tuesday nights. There will be two showings of each film at 7 PM and 9:30 PM. Admission is free for Duke students with ID. The schedule of films is as follows:

March 19 Utena Movie
March 26 Spriggan
April 2 TBD (possibly Card Captor Sakura Movie if we can get it)
April 9 Ah! My Goddess Movie
April 16 Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

3/17/02 1.) T-shirts!

So you missed this semester's segment of shows. You can still design our T-shirt. It's DUE AT THE NEXT MEETING (March 22). You've got spring break to work on it and a little time before and after break.

Here are the final T-shirt guidelines:

Black & White design -- pencil won't show up well in our finalized T-shirt design, so make sure you use something high contrast to draw. 1-sided with generic Duke Anime name on the front, or 2-sided (as it was last year: full size back with the small picture/text logo front) Maximum alloted space on each side of the T-shirt: 11x14. You can use whatever method you choose to draw, as long as your finished product is of PRINTABLE QUALITY. (pixelated images are discouraged; if you're going to use a computer to draw, make sure it's high resolution and you can print the design out!) What you draw is EXACTLY what we print, so you're responsible for the Duke Anime text and whatever else you choose to put on it.

Design has to be presentable to the rest of the general public (no hentai, no goat-action, etc., etc. I know we showed Ebichu and Poemi this year, just use caution if you choose to do something like that) Designs will be voted on next meeting by whoever's at club. Show up if you want to vote! No e-mail proxies! Artist's full design (front/back designs) will considered as a unit to be voted on, unless artist specifically permits mix+matching with other artist's t-shirt design fronts/backs.

Tax, title, and license fees separate from all other charges... Price as noted above is dealer MSRP (just kidding)

2.) Elections for Next Year's Officers

Duke Anime Elections for next year are coming up... we haven't decided on the election day, but do let us know if you want to run for office. Only Duke undergraduates (excluding current seniors) are eligible to be officers for next year.

Here are the offices for next year:
- President
- Librarian
- Treasurer
- Secretary
- Publicity

As an officer, you could have control over Duke Anime's school-year lineup. see our club constitution for more details. Ask one of the current/previous officers about his/her office if you so choose.

ANYONE can nominate any poor unsuspecting Duke undergrad club member for an office, but he/she has to accept nomination status. Yes... there's the jobs actually involve paperwork... but there's MONEY! Submit nominations to me, Bryan, or tell me in club this week!

3.) OLD T-Shirts!

We still have 8 of last year's Bebop T-shirts. First come first serve. They're kinda large, though
2 L left
3 XL left
3 XXL left (?! we're probably going to have to force these on someone...)

We're still selling them for last year's price: $8.00 each. Let me know if you want one.

4.)Animazement 2002, Raleigh, 24-hour NC Anime Convention

A representative from Animazement 2002 came by to recruit people for vounteering at the Animazement Convention which is happening March 24-26, about 3 weeks after Duke's final exams are over. As a club we are given an option to be in charge of a video room during the whole convention. We won't do this unless there's enough people who let us know that they want to do this. Of course, you can volunteer individually as well. You get benefits like pro-rated reimbursement (up to full reimbursement) of your convention admission fee. If you want more information about this, visit our club website in the coming days for Animazement contact information, or visit Animazement's web site.

The club is also considering subsidizing part of a hotel room for the duration of the convention. We need to know now many people are interested in staying in this room during the convention. There'll probably be anime on the TV, and splitting the remainder of the room among a lot of people will be kind on your wallet/purse.

Let me (Bryan Ong) know if you're interested. Your decision is not considered final at thisstage. We need a rough estimate.

9/7/01 A brief explaination about this year's format.
The first few weeks of the schedule are online. This year's meetings are only going to be 7 blocks long, meaning the meetings will run from 7 till about 10:30. The 5 shows everyone picked are in the schedule along with another show, Noir. The 7th slot will be an OAV slot, which is starting out with Bastard. Suggestions for OAVs and movies to show at meetings are always welcome.
The tape library will be back online sometime next week.
9/5/01 The top 5 shows in no particular order are:
1.) Jubei-chan
2.) Escaflowne
3.) Trigun
4.) Inu Yasha
5.) Ayashi no Ceres
The schedule for the next few weeks (including the OAVs) will be posted by Thursday 11:59PM :)
4/03/01 Click here to see the winning T-shirt design. Each shirt is 8 dollars. Email Bryan Ong with how many and of what size to order yours.
4/02/01 DUKE NCAA BBALL #1! (Yes, I know this is the DukAnime page, but this rocks!)
3/27/01 Transformers: The Movie will be shown April 23rd in Griffith Theater in the Bryan Center! Showtimes coming soon.
3/5/01 The T-Shirt design contest is started. We'll hopefully be making some new club t-shirts this year. We need a small logo for the front of the t-shirt and a picture for the back. Cost will be 10-15 dollars (most likely), but the winner gets one free. Please have ideas submitted by March 23, or bring them to that Friday's meeting. Email Elaine with your sketches.
2/14/01 Hey everybody! If you are planning on going to Katsucon and want info on hotel, rooming, or rides, email Ron Lee ASAP. Also, if you are under 18 and not a Duke Student, we'd really like to get a parental consent form if you are going up with us or staying with us, because of Duke Rules and Regulations. Hope to see lots of people there!
2/13/01 The library is up and running, although some of the listings aren't right.
11/19/00 We're still working on getting the library back up, sorry
9/15/00 Sweet Link of the Month -- Click here for pretty much the ultimate test of random Anime knowledge. Plenty of prizes to go around, give it a try, they aren't that hard :)
9/14/00 The tape library is open for borrowing. If you'd like to borrow, please bring your $10 in cash to the meeting this Friday (if you don't have it then, please bring it ASAP, we use the non-returnable portion to obtain new tapes for the library)
9/8/00 The people have spoken, and the top 5 shows, which are in our schedule this year along with other OAVs are:
1.) Karekano (Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou -- His and Her Circumstances)
2.) Cowboy Bebop
3.) Outlaw Star
4.) Irresponsible Captain Tylor
5.) Utena
Hana Yori Dango will be in the library for borrowing starting next week.
8/26/00 Welcome back everybody!

Click here for past "What's New?".

Coming Soon!
More pics for the Scrapbook!

DukAnime meets every Friday night from 7:00 PM to about 11:00 PM. The locations for the meetings are posted to this page weekly, and also on flyers that are posted all over campus on Thursdays. Each DukAnime meeting includes a showing of one episode eac h of our regular anime series. This year's shows are Inu Yasha, Ayashi no Ceres, Escaflowne, Trigun, Jubei-chan, and Noir.

We also show an episode or two of an OAV (Original Animation Video) series. Past OAV's include Ah! My Goddess, Shaman ic Princess, You're Under Arrest, and Vampire Princess Miyu.

If there's anything you'd like to see, contact any of our officers or post a message in DukAnime Forum and we'll see what we can do!

DukAnime is open to anyone who wants to come, whether you're a student at Duke or someone from the community. We'll be outside the doors checking for people until around 7:05, so we can let you in. Come on out and join us.

Puu!If you're currently a student at Duke and would like to receive announcements concerning DukAnime meetings and events, join the DukAnime mailing list! To join just send mail to majordomo@acpub.duke.edu and type "subscribe anime" in the message body.

Note: this is not a discussion list. This mailing list is for announcements ONLY. The DukAnime Forum is available for anime discussion.

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