Graduate Student Association of Iranians at Duke (GSAID)      

At the RDU Airport:

We would be more than happy to arrange a pick-up from RDU airport for you. Please contact us before your flight to Durham.

Public Transportation:

For a complete package of information on public tranportation in Durham visit Duke Parking and Transportation's webpage.

Driver License and Car Purchasement:

For a detailed list of instructions on driver license and related topics please visit DMV's website.

Duke Student Survival Guide:

Visit and log in with your Duke NetID and password to access the Duke Student Survival Guide, a student-run Duke Wiki, to find information about anything about living at Duke and in Druham from parking advice to coffee shops!

More questions:

Please feel free to contact us for further information. We look forward to having you in our family.

Recreation and Activities:

We have provided a concise booklet about outdoor activities in the Trianlge area.

On- and Off- Campus Housing:

Duke University provides services to students to assist with this process. The availability of on-campus housing for graduate and professional students is limited. However, the completion of all necessary procedures for obtaining housing is the responsibility of the student.
    In addition to the housing available on campus, a wide variety of housing is available off campus. To learn more about these opportunities you should visit Community Housing . You may also visit DukeList to browse non-commercial housing options offered by faculty and staff, as well as listings of students seeking roommates or housemates.