Fredric R. Jameson

Fredric Jameson has been named the fifth recipent of the Holberg International Memorial Prize.


  • PhD, Yale University , 1959
  • MA, Yale University , 1956
  • BA, Haverford College , 1954

Research Interests:   

William A. Lane , Jr., Professor of Comparative Literature, Professor of Romance Studies (French). Professor Jameson received his Ph.D. from Yale in 1959 and taught at Harvard, Yale, and the University of California before coming to Duke in 1985. His most recent books include Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism (1991, which won the MLA Lowell Award), Seeds of Time (1994), Brecht and Method (1998), The Cultural Turn (1998), and A Singular Modernity (Verso Press 2002). His most frequently taught courses cover modernism, Third World literature and cinema, Marx & Freud, Jean-Paul Sartre, the modern French novel and cinema, and the Frankfurt School . Among Professor Jameson's ongoing concerns is the need to analyze literature as an encoding of political and social imperatives, and the interpretation of modernist and postmodernist assumptions through a rethinking of Marxist methodology. He serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for South Atlantic Quarterly.

Recent Publications  

  1. F. Jameson. "History and Elegy in Sokurov."  2006.
  2. F. Jameson. "Globalization and Hybridization."  2006.
  3. F. Jameson. "translation of an Italian essay."  Princeton University Press. 2006.
  4. F. Jameson. "Introduction."  Sartre, Critique of Dialectical Reason, vol. II Verso, 2006.
  5. F. Jameson. "Lacan and the Dialectic."  Lacan: The Silent Partners Ed. Slavoj Zizek. Verso, 2006.




Current Projects
  Capital in Its Time and Space (forthcoming)

Valences of the Dialectic (forthcoming from Verso Press)

Ideologies of Theory (augmented re-edition)