Coordinating Team '09-'10

Leaders in IV are servants and example-setters. These guys and girls kick things off behind the scenes all the time and work hard to make sure things keep working.


Large Group Coordinator

Freshmen Small Group Coordinator

Upperclassmen Small Group Coordinator

Ben Beka Peter Kiel
Benjamin Wolf Beka Ouyang Peter Nakagami Kiel Russell
(BAW12) (RPO) (PKN2) (KJR4)

Outreach Coordinator

Worship Coordinator

Prayer Coordinator


Lizzy Greg Erica Allison
Lizzy Do Greg Hsu Erica Mail Allison King
(EJD9) (GPH4) (EMM26) (AMK36)

CTeam Members at Rockbridge 2009

From left to right: Allison King, Peter Nakagami, Beka Ouyang, Greg Hsu, Lizzy Do, Kiel Russell, Erica Mail, and Benjamin Wolf