Large Group

Is a time every Friday night at 7 PM when everyone meets in

Social Sciences 139.
We traditionally begin with announcements (available on YouTube), then move to a time of praise in song and testimonies. This is followed by a guest speaker, who focuses on a particular aspect of the Christian faith and walk. You can listen to past speakers on iTunes U (requires iTunes, which is free for Windows and Mac).

After LargeGroup we often have "After Hours", which ranges from a game of Broomball at the local ice rink, to a movie in a commons room, to a trip to Francesca's for ice cream. After Hours is a great chance to get to know some of the people in IV.

IV LargeGroup is open to everyone - Christians and non-Christians alike! Please join us. We would love to get to know you!

LargeGroup map

Large Group Coordinator

Beka Beka Ouyang (RPO)

Team Fun (Announcements)

Chris_Chan Chris Chan (CHRISTOPHER.CHAN)
Daniella Daniella Choi (HCC6)

Team AfterHours

Matt Matt Lundberg (MAL42)
Caroline Caroline Lee (CYL4)