IV Leadership Application '10-'11

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God.
-Colossians 3:16

Leaders are expected to hold and to live out the following values. This does not mean that we have to perfectly exemplify all of them all the time. However, these various leaders do have to agree that these values reflect what we want our lives to be, and also have to show a desire to repent and grow where we fall short.

An IV leader has:

  1. A growing personal relationship with God
    1. Understands and believes the gospel
    2. Strives to live consistently with Biblical standards
    3. Spends personal time with God and worships in a local congregation
    4. Has a desire to serve others and share Christ with them
  2. A sense of calling to the community of Duke IV
    1. Has participated in an IV Small Group this year
    2. Consistently attends Large Group, with reasonable participation in whole-chapter events, such as After Hours, Chapter Prayer, retreats, etc.
  3. A commitment to the leadership community of the chapter
    1. Will be present during orientation week at both the Leadership Retreat and New Student Outreach events
    2. Attends leadership meetings and is accountable to the chapter president by letting him/her know when attendance is not possible
    3. Attends Rockbridge for leadership training

Please consider prayerfully whether or not you would like to be a leader for Duke InterVarsity next year. Most leadership positions involve a high time and energy commitment, often involving 2-3 regular commitments per week. However, they will also be among the most rewarding things you will do at Duke! Also, consider whether you would like to be a freshmen small group leader, an upperclassmen small group leader, a small group shepherd, or a part of the prayer team. You will need to attend an applicable track at Rockbridge 2010 (Small Group Leaders track for Small Group Leaders and Shepherds) from May 9-14.

In addition to completing this form you must obtain a reference from either your current Small Group Leader, your current Small Group Co-Leader (if currently leading), or a member of this year's or next year's Coordinating Team, whichever is most applicable.

Leadership positions will be decided with great care and consideration by the '10-'11 Coordinating Team, but you can express a preference in the application below. Please give a 0-5 rating of each position (with 5 showing a great desire to lead in a given role, 0 great adversity to doing so) and explain your ratings in the appropriate question. Please note that not every applicant will be selected to be a leader, and you may not receive your preference of Freshmen Small Group, Upperclassman Small Group, Small Group Shepherd, or prayer team, though your preferences will be taken into account.

Your Name
Year in '10-'11
FSGL Rating
USGL Rating
Small Group Shepherd
Prayer Team Member
Why did you rank the positions as you did? What makes you excited about a certain position or hesitant about another?
Briefly describe how you became a follower of Jesus.
What is one thing that God has taught you this year?
Briefly describe why you want to be a leader in InterVarsity.
Do you agree to the leader expectations outlined above?
Any other special circumstances or requests you would like considered?