The IV Library

Thanks to the generous collaboration of the Graduate Christian Fellowship at Duke, there is now library of resources available in our office of the Chapel Basement. The books, mainly from Steve Hinkle, the graduate staffworker, discuss a huge variety of topics. While we don't hold any of these books as absolute sources of truth or completely representative of what we beleive, they can be helpful in enriching your walk with Christ or learning more about a specific topic. Please take advantage of this great resource!

Getting To the Library

The library is located in the Graduate Christian Fellowship office in Chapel Basement 033. The easiest way to find the office is to enter through the Student Ministry door (below) on the basement level of the side of the Chapel, facing the Bryan Center and near the Catholic Center. Make a right when you get to the lounge with couches. 033 will be the third door on the right (ask one of the Chapel Staff if you can't find it). There are two offices in the room. The Lutheran ministry office is first. Enter quietly through the office and the door to the GCF office will be straight ahead of you.
Note: the library is only open when the Chapel is open.
basement door

Checking Out Books

To check out books, please put your name and the titles of the books you would like to check out on an index card. Then, put the index card in the card file. Both the cards and card file are on a shelf in Case 3 (see map below). Please be considerate and return books in a timely manner. Return books to the bin marked.

What's Available?

Below are most of the books available in the library, organized by where they are. The locations and availability may change, these are jus to give you a general idea. Click the title of each book to see its description on Amazon, though the edition shown on Amazon likely isn't the same as the edition on the shelf.

Undergrad Shelf

These are books that were especially purchased with the undergraduate chapter in mind, many of which were recommended at retreats, etc.

Other Books

There are many other books available thanks to the Graduate chapter. For the complete list, click here.

Which case is which?

The case to the right as you enter is the undergrad case. Starting on the left as you enter, the cases begin with one and increase. See:
case map

Other Resources

There are several other great sources of resources, available through Duke, InterVarsity/USA, local churches, and other groups. Some of those include:
  • Duke Divinity School's Library - The Divinity School library has an enormous amount of books and other resources that can help you learn more about many topics. Their collections are listed in the main library catalog, so search for books just as you would other books on the catalogue.
  • Inter-Library Loan (Duke Students Only) - If the tile you are looking for isn't available, chances are it is at another school (including seminaries). Use this free service to request it!
  • InterVarsity Press - Looking to purchase a resource for yourself or your small group? Let me and I can order it at a 30% discount.