Outreach Team '09-'10

What does it mean that IV is a "Christian fellowship"? What does it mean to "follow Christ"? Who exactly was Jesus? Is He relevant to my life?

If you are curious about the answers to any of the above or if you are interested in joining a Group investigating God (or GiG, a group for non-Christians who want to have regular conversations about their interest in Christianity), please contact Lizzy Do. Lizzy will match you up with one of the members of our Outreach Team.

If you are interested in starting or leading a GiG, please contact ***. We would love to meet with you!

Aislynn Alan Rita Amy_Chen
Aislynn Cannon Alan Chen Rita Lin Amy Chen
(ALC38) (AC102) (RLL14) (MC104)
Daniel Yujing Jason Michelle
Daniel Chang Yujing Xue Jason Wang Michelle Zhang
(DRC14) (YX7) (JW87) (MYZ2)

Outreach Team Members at Rockbridge 2009

From left to right: Amy Chen, Daniel Chang, Alan Chen, Lizzy Do, Michelle Zhang, Aislynn Cannon, and Jason Wang

Outreach Coordinator

Lizzy Lizzy Do (EJD9)

GiG Coordinator

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