If you are looking for relationships with your peers and with Christ, Small Groups are for you. Freshmen Small Groups are formed based upon what dorm you live in, and Upperclassmen Small Groups are formed based upon what year you are. Meetings usually consist of some mixture of personal sharing, Bible study, worship, visiting in dorms, eating cookies, and lots of prayer.

If you are a freshman interested in joining a Small Group, contact Peter Nakagami (PKN2@duke.edu) or the leaders for your dorm. If you are an upperclassman who wants to join a Small Group, contact Kiel Russell (KJR4@duke.edu).

Prayer Coordinator

Erica Erica Mail (EMM26)

Worship Leaders

Greg Greg Hsu (GPH4)
Daniel Daniel Chang (DRC14)

Freshmen Small Group Leaders '09-'10


Mondays @ 6:30 PM
Contact Alex or Hyejin for location!
Alex_Sun Alex Sun (HS87)
Hyejin Hyejin Sul (HS78)


Mondays @ 7 PM
Aycock Piano Commons
Alex_Sheen Alex Sheen (AS175)
Liana Liana Lau (SL138)


Mondays @ 6 PM
Justin Justin Yi (JHY5)
Tiffany Tiffany Pao (TYP)


Tuesdays @ 8 PM
Phil Phil Lin (PJL14)
Agnes Agnes Chao (ASC29)


Tuesdays @ 8 PM
Blackwell Commons
Josh Joshua Thai (JLT31)
Alice Alice Mao (AYM2)

Bell Tower/Southgate

Wednesdays @ 8 PM
Bell Tower 1st Floor Couches Next to the Arch (Media Room Side)
Jon Jonathan Huang (JHH11)
Carol Carol Shih (CS127)


Tuesdays @ 9:30 PM
GA Room 316
Chris Chris Baker (CHB13)
Kirasten Kirasten Brasfield (KGB8)

Upperclassmen Small Group Leaders '09-'10

Sophomore Men Group 1

Contact Shelton or Tim for details!

Shelton Shelton Leung (SCL25)
Tim Tim Yoon (TJY5)

Sophomore Men Group 2

Mondays @ 8:30 PM
Few HH 101
Dennis Dennis Lee (DBL10)
Jiawen Jiawen Cheong (JC108)

Sophomore Women Group 1

Thursdays @ 8 PM
Keohane 4B 4th Floor Common Room
Sharon Sharon Pomranky (SAP26)
Katie_Reichert Katie Reichert (KER21)

Sophomore Women Group 2

Thursdays @ 7:30 PM
Keohane 4B, 401L commons
Katie_Chun Katie Chun (KC58)
Carrie Carrie Ho (CH111)

Junior Men Group

Tuesdays @ 8:30 PM
Contact Tony or Geoff for location!
Tony Tony Zhang (TTZ2)
Geoff Geoff Huang (GH29)

Junior Women Group 1

Wednesdays @ 8 PM
Contact Liz or Chantel for location!
Liz Liz Liang (EWL6)
Chantel Chantel Griffin (CMG35)

Junior Women Group 2

Thursdays @ 8 PM
314 Anderson D
Eunji Eunji Yim (EAY)
Wendy Wendy Lin (XWL)

Senior Men Group 1

Thursdays @ 8 PM
1914 Lewis F
Caleb Caleb Vandenheuvel (CJV8)
Eric Eric Ness (ECN7)

Senior Men Group 2

Tuesdays @ 8:30 PM
Few FF 201 Commons
Dan Dan Gaultney (DBG6)
Peng Peng Shi (PS46)

Senior Women Group 1

Wednesdays @ 8:50 PM
Connie & Angela's Apt. (1914 Lewis A)
Faith Faith Kung (FK8)

Senior Women Group 2

Tuesdays @ 8:30 PM
Few FF Commons
Kristen Kristen Yang (KY16)
Natalie Natalie Figuereo (NJF4)

Senior Women Group 3

Wednesdays @ 9 PM
Few HH 222
Amy_Tsai Amy Tsai (APT8)