What is IV?

If you want to know about us,

Myrtle Beach you can read our purpose statement, but this won't give you a practical picture of what IV is really like. What we can say is that although "Varsity" is in our title, we're certainly not an "athletic" organization, such as Athletes in Action, though we're usually up for a good game of basketball or ultimate.

One way to identify us

is by what we do. The heart of what IV at Duke does is Small Groups, where we get to know people very well by meeting together regularly, hanging out, learning about what's going on in each other's lives, studying scripture, and supporting each other in prayer.

We also have a lot of fun

Juniors at Large Group where anyone and everyone is welcome to come together once a week (Fridays) and spend some time worshipping God, sharing, and hearing a speaker teach on an interesting topic. Also, after Large Group, we have "After Hours", where we can continue hanging out at some planned event or get-together. Each year, After Hours inevitably includes some mix of playing broomball, watching movies in a dorm/apartment/theater, playing volleyball, going to house parties, and just hanging out in apartments, among many other possibilities.

But most of all,

Content IVers

Duke IV is not a purpose statement, not an event, not a roster. We're people. We're a group of (almost always) normal Duke students, seeking a growing relationship with the one that created us, and seeking deeper and more meaningful relationships with everyone in our community. We'd love to have you come check us out.