Directions to the Institute Building, Stake Center, and Raleigh Temple

to the Institute Building
1- Get on 15-501 southbound.
2- Go past Wal-Mart, I-40, and stay to the left when the road splits toward Franklin Street.
3- Take the exit for Hwy. 54, aka South Road. There is a green road sign that says "UNC Chapel Hill =>": that is the exit.
4- Turn left at the first light, Country Club Road.
5- Follow Country Club and you will find yourself in the Institute Building parking lot.

to the Stake Center
...from Duke's Campus

1- Get on 751 (aka Cameron or Academy) westbound.
2- Go past 15-501 and make a left onto Old Erwin Road (no light).
3- Follow Old Erwin for a while. You will pass streets like Mt. Sinai and Cornwallis.
4- After you go over a small bridge (New Hope Creek), turn right at the light onto Whitman Road.
5- Follow Whitman until it ends on Airport Road (aka 86 South).
6- Turn left.
7- Follow Airport Road through a few lights. You will go over I-40 and pass a pretty Methodist church on your left.
8- On your left there will be a sign for Timber Hollow Apartments. Turn in there.
9- The Stake Center will be your first left.

to the Raleigh Temple
...from Duke's campus -- takes about 30 minutes without traffic, 45-55 minutes with traffic (from about 4 to 7 pm)

1- Get on Hwy 147 going east/south.
2- Stay on 147 until it ends. (ie, don't exit onto I-40 where it splits)
3- Turn left at the light.
4- Follow this road (Alexander Drive) until it ends.
5- Turn left at the light. You are now on Hwy 55.
6- Stay on 55 for about ten miles.
7- The temple will be on your right, shortly after passing over Hwy 64.

...another way, often with less traffic (also feasible from Duke's campus)
1- Get on 751 South-/Eastbound (aka Cameron, Academy).
2- Stay on 751 until it ends at University Dr.
3- Turn left onto University.
4- Turn right at the second light, which is again 751.
5- Turn left onto Hwy 64.
6- Exit 64 onto Hwy 55 South (turn right).
7- The temple will be a short distance down, on your right.

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