Project WILD

Step into the WILD

having fun in pisgah

Step into the WILD is a backpacking trip led by PWILD staff each year during fall break. Unlike other PWILD trips, the participants for this trip are sophomores and juniors from Northern High School in Durham. These students are members of Northern’s Outdoor Education classes, which provide the students with the opportunity to learn survival skills. Through participation in Step, these students not only gain insight into post-secondary education through close contact with college students, but they also build confidence and cooperation as they take on new physical and mental challenges. The trip is a valuable and positive experience for Duke students as well. PWILD staff members apply their leadership experience in a new context, growing and learning as they work with a different age group and demographic. The connection between Duke and Durham is strengthened as relationships and friendships are formed between all involved!

Step into the WILD is run by our outreach directors. If you have any questions please contact them.

We host groups at our Team Challenge Course (TCC) to help keep the Step trip free for students. If your organization is interested in doing a TCC, please contact the Outreach Directors (preferably a month in advance, for scheduling purposes).