9-10-12....... Courtnea Rainey Defends MAP

Congratulations to Courtnea Rainey, graduate student, for successfully defending her MAP!

7-24-12.........Deepu Murty Defends Dissertation

Congratulations to Deepu Murty for successfully defending his dissertation!

5-1-12.........Jeff MacInnes Defends MAP

Congratulations to Jeff MacInnes, graduate student, who successfully defended his MAP!

04-20-12...........Betsy Johnson wins award!

Betsy is the recipient of Duke's "Employee Community Service Award." Read about Betsy's service contributions here.

04-01-12...........Deepu Murty named GSA award recipient

Vishnu Murty, Duke University
"Reward Motivation Increases Hippocampal Sensitivity to and Memory for Expectancy Violations"
Category: Long-Term Memory

03-35-12.........Betsy & Jessica receive summer fellowship

Betsy Johnson and Jessica Wilson will attend the NIMH Summer Institute in Cognitive Neuroscience. Read more about the program here!

3-25-12...........Jessica Wilson & Ian Ballard receive NSF!

Graduate student Jessica Wilson and RA Ian Ballard each receive a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship grant. Congratulations!

6-13-11...........Alison Adcock awarded NIMH BRAINS grant

Alison Adcock has been awarded an NIMH BRAINS (Biobehavioral Research Awards for Innovative New Scientists) grant to fund projects proposed under the heading "Motivated Memory as a Therapeutic Target". Congratulations!

5-19-11..........Article in Journal of Neuroscience

Article "Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex drives mesolimbic dopaminergic regions to intitiate motivated behavior", authored by Ian Ballard, Vishnu Murty, McKell Carter, Jeffrey MacInnes, Scott Huettel and R. Alison Adcock, is published in the Journal of Neuroscience

4-25-11.........Kate MacDuffie recieves Fulbright

Lab manager Kate MacDuffie will be traveling to New Zealand on a Fulbright scholarship to work in the laboratory of Donna Rose Addis at the University of Auckland

6-1-11.........Maheen Shemohammad recieves awards

Congratulations to undergraduate research assistant Maheen Shermohammad for receiving two awards to support her summer research: the Dean's Summer Research Fellowship and the Summer Neuroscience Program of Research!

5-12-11..........Adcock lab at SOBP 2011

Graduate student Deepu Murty will be presenting a poster "Amygdala Reactivity in Singaporians at Ultra High Risk for the Development of Schizophrenia " at the annual meeting of the Society of Biological Psychiatry, held May 12-14 in San Francisco.

4-5-11.........Nathan Clement recieves NSF fellowship

Congratulations to incoming graduate student Nathan Clement for receiving the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship!

4-5-11.........Kate MacDuffie receives honorable mention

Lab manager Kate MacDuffie receives an honorable mention for her National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship grant application.

4-2-11..........Adcock lab at CNS 2011

Graduate student Jeff MacInnes presented a poster "Instructed salience modulates reward-motivated enhancements in item and relational memory", and lab manager Kate MacDuffie presented a poster "Reward facilitates construction and later memory of autobiographical episodes" at the annual meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society, held April 2-5 in San Francisco.

3-1-11..........Meta-analysis published in Neuropsychologia

Deepu Murty and Maureen Richey's meta-analysis, "fMRI studies of successful emotional memory encoding: A quantitative meta-analysis" is published in Neuropsychologia: pdf

11-16-10..........Adcock lab at SFN 2010

Graduate student Deepu Murty presented a poster "Threat of shock facilitates scene encoding: A neuroimaging study of instrumental declarative learning ", Graduate student Jeff MacInnes presented a poster "Differential impact of reward on item versus source memory ", and undergraduate Ian Ballard presented a FUN session poster "A general model of temporal discounting based on two value systems" at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, which took place November 12-16, in San Diego.

11-1-10..........Alison Adcock named NAS Kavli Fellow

Congratulations to Alison Adcock, who was named a National Academy of Sciences Kavli Frontiers of Science fellow!

10-1-10 .........Review published in TICS

Alison Adcock and Daphna Shohamy's review, Dopamine and Adaptive Memory, is published in Trends in Cognitive Science: pdf

5-20-10..........Adcock lab at SOBP 2010

Graduate student Betsy Johnson presented a poster "Generalized enhancement of episodic memory by prior reward experience" at the annual meeting of the Society of Biological Psychiatry, held from May 20-22 in New Orleans.

4-6-10.........Courtney Rainey recieves NSF fellowship

Congratulations to incoming graduate student Courtnea Rainey for receiving the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship!

4-6-10 ......... Jeff MacInnes receives honorable mention

Graduate student Jeff MacInnes receives an honorable mention for his National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship grant application.

3-31-10..........Article published in J. Neuro.

Post-Doc Sanghoon Han publishes article "Functional significance of striatal responses during episodic decisions: recovery or goal attainment?" in the Journal of Neuroscience: pdf

3-18-10.........Murty & MacInnes recieve NSF EASPI

Graduate students Deepu Murty and Jeff MacInnes were both granted the NSF East Asia and Summer Pacific Institutes (EAPSI) Fellowship. The fellowship will provide research funding this summer as they head overseas to collaborate with the laboratory of Dr. Michael Chee at the National University of Singapore.

3-01-10.........Rory Lubner receives Howard Hughes Award

Congratulations to Rory Lubner who received the Howard Hughes research award!

2-10-10.........Sanghoon Han gets Faculty Position

Post-doc Sanghoon Han has been hired as faculty in Psychology at Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea. We will miss him!

1-10-10.........Adcock lab at CNS 2010

Deepu Murty, Kate MacDuffie, and Ian Ballard will be presenting posters at the annual meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society, in Montreal Canada, April 17-20

1-1-10.........Symposia proposal accepted for CNS 2010

Alison Adcock will co-chair a Symposia with Daphna Shohamy at the annual Cognitive Neuroscience Society meeting, entitled Dopamine and Adaptive Memory. The Symposia is scheduled for Thursday April 20th, in Montreal, Canada.

7-1-09.........Deepu Murty receives honorable mention

Graduate student Deepu Murty receives an honorable mention for his National Science Foundation grant application

6-30-09.........Adcock lab at Society for Neuroscience 2009

Graduate students Betsy Johnson and Deepu Murty have had abstracts selected for a poster and an oral presentation at the annual Society for Neuroscience conference, hosted this year in Chicago, October 17-21.

6-15-09.........New lab manager joins the Adcock lab team

The Adcock lab welcomes Kate MacDuffie, B.S. in Neuroscience from the University of Michigan, as lab manager

4-2-09 .......... Ian Ballard receives funding award

Congratulations to Ian Ballard, who was recently awarded summer research funding through Duke's Vertical Integration Program.

12-17-08 .......... CNS Abstract Accepted

Jeff MacInnes will be headed to San Francisco to present the poster "Rewards Earned for Others - An fMRI study of the neural correlates of altruism" (MacInnes, Carter, Adcock, & Huettel) at the 2009 Cognitive Neuroscience Society annual conference March 21-24.

11-15-08 .......... Society for Neuroscience 2008!

Come see us at this year's Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Washington, DC. Jeff MacInnes will be presenting "Pupillary indices of successful reward-motivated learning" (MacInnes, Sheth, Rouse, Figueroa, Ely, & Adcock) and Vishnu Murty will be presenting "Effective connectivity of mesolimbic regions during reward-motivated learning as assessed by fMRI" (Murty, Ballard, Thangavel, Whitfield-Gabrieli, Gabrieli, & Adcock). Both posters will be on display during Tuesday's Human Conditioning and Reward Learning poster session.

5-1-08 .......... APA/Merck Award

Alison Adcock honored with APA/Merck and Co. Inc Early Academic Career Research Award