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James B.Duke statue in front of Duke Chapel
James B. Duke statue in front of Duke Chapel

To achieve and sustain the kind of leadership role that James B. Duke envisioned for this university, we at Duke must build both a broader base of academic excellence and a strong, inclusive sense of community. We know that setting ambitious goals and accomplishing them are two different things. Achieving our goals will require continuing leadership, the best efforts of faculty, staff, students, and administrators, and the wisdom and support of the board of trustees and the many alumni and benefactors who share our vision.

No plan is perfectly realized, and we will undoubtedly encounter unexpected challenges and opportunities. The general principles and specific goals set forth here will provide a framework that is both flexible and durable, allowing us to face the uncertain future with confidence. We look to the work ahead with a renewed understanding of our mission and how best to fulfill it. We strive to realize James B. Duke’s vision of service and leadership for Duke University as we build upon and add to our strengths.