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David Ambaras Associate Professor of History, NC State, Raleigh
Barbara Ambros Associate Professor of Religious Studies, UNC-Chapel Hill
Cemil Aydin Associate Professor of History, UNC-Chapel Hill
Janice B. Bardsley Associate Professor of Asian Studies, UNC–Chapel Hill
Inger Brodey Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Affiliate faculty in the Department of Asian Studies, Affiliate faculty in Global Studies, and Director of the Comparative Literature Program-UNC-Chapel Hill
Yixin Chen Assistant Professor of History, UNC–Wilmington
Mark Driscoll Associate Professor, Department of Asian Studies, UNC-Chapel Hill
W. Miles Fletcher Professor of History, UNC-Chapel Hill
Gail Henderson Professor and Chair, Department of Social Medicine Adjunct Professor, Sociology , UNC–Chapel Hill
Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao Professor of Sociology, Academia Sinica, Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan
John Fuh-Sheng Hsieh Professor, Center for Asian Studies, University of South Carolina, Columbia
Michael Hunt (Emeritus) Professor of History, UNC–Chapel Hill
Nathaniel Isaacson Assistant Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, NC State, Raleigh
Kyong-Dong Kim Professor of Sociology, College of Social Sciences, Seoul, Korea
Jonathan Kramer Teaching Professor of Music and Arts Studies and Director, Music, NC State, Raleigh
Richard Kunst Executive Director, Humanities Computing Laboratory, Inc., Durham, NC
Hyun-Chin Lim Professor of Sociology, Seoul National University, Korea
John Mertz Associate Professor of Japanese Language and Literature, NC State, Raleigh
Chung-In Moon Professor of Political Science, Yonsei University. Seoul, Korea
Christopher Nelson Associate Professor of Anthropology, UNC-Chapel Hill
Donald Nonini Professor of Anthropology, UNC–Chapel Hill
Anthony Oberschall Professor of Sociology, UNC–Chapel Hill
Morgan Pitelka Associate Professor of Asian Studies and Director of Carolina Asia Center, UNC-Chapel Hill
Eika Tai Professor of Japanese, NC State, Raleigh
Michael Tsin Associate Professor of Modern Chinese History, UNC-Chapel Hill
John Tucker Visiting Professor of Japanese, Duke University; Director, Asian Studies Program, Professor of Asian History, Department of History, Harriot College of Arts and Sciences East Carolina University, Greenville
James White (Emeritus) Professor of Political Science, UNC–Chapel Hill
Pamela Winfield Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Elon University
Gang Yue Associate Professor of Asian Studies, UNC–Chapel Hill



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