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Stanley Abe Associate Professor of Art and Art History: Chinese Buddhist art and architecture, visual theory, colonial knowledge formation
Anne Allison Robert O. Keohane Professor of Anthropology, Professor of Women's Studies: Contemporary and urban Japan, mass and children’s culture, sexuality, globalization, capitalism
Nicole Barnes Assistant Professor of History: Twentieth-century China, history of medicine in China, social history of war, women's and gender histories.
Leo Ching Associate Professor of Japanese Literature: Modern Japanese literature, theories of imperialism, colonial/postcolonial theories, globalization and cultural formation, popular culture, transnationalism in Asia/America
Eileen Chow Visiting Associate Professor of Chinese and Japanese Cultural Studies: Chinese literature; film and visual studies; popular culture (anime/manga, fandoms, media technologies); diaspora theory/history, esp. global Chinatowns
Rey Chow Professor of Literature, with research and teaching interests in modern fiction, film, visual culture, and cultural theory
Claire Conceison Professor of Theater Studies and Anne Firor Scott Professor of Literature: Contemporary Chinese theatre, US-China cultural relations, intercultural performance, translation studies, Asian American theatre and film, performance studies (including sport as performance)
Prasenjit Duara Oscar Tang Professor of East Asian Studies: Chinese and Asian history; historical sociology, historical philosophy and historiography; nationalism, regionalism and environment.
Hitomi Endo Associate Professor of the Practice of Japanese Language: Language pedagogy, second language acquisition, Japanese linguistics and proficiency testing
Bai Gao Professor of Sociology: Economic sociology, organizational analysis, comparative historical sociology, political economy, Japanese society, Chinese society, East Asian capitalism
Gary Gereffi Professor of Sociology and Director of the Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness at Duke University: Sociology of development, multinational corporations, economic sociology, research methods in macrosociology, global commodity chains (all with an emphasis on Latin America and East Asia)
Tianshu He Lecturer and Coordinator for First Year Chinese: Second language acquisition theories and methodologies, teaching with multimedia technology, Chinese classical language and literature
Guo-Juin Hong Associate Professor, Chinese Language and Literature: Film historiography, film theory, postcolonial theory and theories of culture and globalization; film and other media of Taiwan, Hong Kong and China
Chi-Ju Hsieh Instructor of Chinese; Second language acquisition and methodology of language teaching
Richard Jaffe Associate Professor of Religious Studies: Japanese Buddhism during the early modern and modern periods, Asian Buddhist modernism, pan-Asianism, nationalism during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
Lisa A. Keister Professor of Sociology and Director of the Markets and Management Program: Economic sociology, organizations, social stratification and inequality, and Chinese business
Eunyoung Kim Instructor of Korean Language: Second language acquisition (pragmatic development of Korean learners), Korean for academic purposes, Korean teacher training program development
Hae-Young Kim Professor of the Practice of Korean Language and Chair, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies: Second language acquisition, interface between morpho-syntax and discourse semantics, bilingualism, heritage language teaching, language pedagogy, Korean curricular development
Hwansoo Kim Associate Professor of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies and Associate Professor of Religious Studies (Buddhism): Korean Buddhism during the early modern and modern periods, East Asian religions, the modernization of Buddhism, clerical marriage, rituals, and ethics
Hsiao-mei Ku Associate Professor of the Practice in Music Department, and a member of the Ciompi Quartet in Residence of Duke University, a faculty-in- residence of Pegram Dorm on East Campus: Classical and Contemporary of Chinese Music in solo, chamber and orchestral formats. Mutual influence of East and West Culture and heritage
Miree Ku Librarian for Korea: Bibliography and research methods in Korean studies; history, literature and culture of Korea
Naoko Kurokawa Lecturer of Japanese Language: Japanese linguistics and sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, foreign language pedagogy

Nayoung Aimee Kwon

Andrew W. Mellon Associate Professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies: Korean and Japanese literature, history, and film; theories of empire and nation; translation studies; colonial/postcolonial discourses; Asian-Pacific trans-cultural movements; nexus of Asian and Asian-American studies; global visual cultures
Carolyn Lee Professor of the Practice and Director of Chinese Language Program: Chinese language pedagogy, Chinese film studies, language acquisition
Xi Lian Professor of World Christianity: China's modern encounter with Christianity, Protestantism and Chinese modernity, Christianity and China's minority peoples
Ralph Litzinger Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology: Cultural politics of ethnicity in the People’s Republic of China, social and political theory, conservation politics, development and environmentalism
Kang Liu Professor, Chinese Language and Literature: Aesthetics, literary theory, cultural studies, Marxism, popular culture, Chinese studies
Yan Liu Lecturer of Chinese language: Second Language Acquisition and Reading, biliteracy development and teaching/learning Chinese as a second language/a foreign language/a heritage language
Edmund (Eddy) Malesky Associate Professor of Political Science: Political economy of development, foreign direct investment, the causes and effects of authoritarian institutions and governance reform, currently working in Vietnam, China, and Cambodia
Sucheta Mazumdar Associate Professor of History: Chinese history, comparative Asian history, Asian-American history, rural economic development, migration, theories of race and ethnicity
Giovanna Merli Associate Professor of Public Policy, Sociology and Global Health and Associate Director of the Duke Population Research Institute: Health Policy (Global Health and HIV/AIDS); Social Policy, Demography
David Need Visiting Professor of Religion: Tibetan Buddhism, Buddhism and Modernity, Modern Tibetan Language Poetry, Ethnic Minority Identity in China
Emerson Niou Professor of Political Science: International relations, political economy, and East Asian politics; Chinese local elections and the formation of alliances in anarchic international systems
Simon Partner Professor of History: Twentieth-century Japanese history focusing on the growth of consumer markets, technology and social change, and Japanese rural society
Gareth Price Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics: Taiwan, East Asia, sociolinguistics, language policy, political sociology
Carlos Rojas Associate Professor of Chinese Cultural Studies, Women's Studies, and Arts of the Moving Image: Visual culture, gender studies, popular culture, theories of corporeality, diaspora studies
Azusa Saito Instructor of Japanese language: Language Pedagogy, curriculum development
Kristina Troost Librarian for Japan: Medieval Japanese history, social and economic history of Japan (premodern and modern), bibliography and research methods in Japanese studies
Gennifer Weisenfeld Professor of Art History and Visual Studies: Modern and contemporary Japanese art history, design, and visual culture; the impact of Japan's modern sociopolitical transformations on artistic production and practice; the cultural formations of nation and empire building; Japanese modernism and the avant-garde; the visual culture of disaster; commercial design
Ara Wilson Director of the program in the study of sexualities, Associate Professor in Women's Studies and cultural Anthropology; Thailand, urban southeast asia, capitalist modernity, sexuality, gender, globalizing Asia
Yi (Daniel) Xu Assistant Professor of Economics: Innovation, Productivity, Exporting and Industry Dynamics, with a special focus on East Asian emerging economies such as China, Taiwan, and Korea
Yi Zeng Professor, Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development / Geriatrics Division of the Medical Center, Population Research Institute and Dept. of Sociology; Director, Center for Chinese Population and Socioeconomic Studies, Duke University
Taisu Zhang Associate Professor of Law: Comparative legal and economic history of early modern societies (primarily China and England), property theory, law and development, contemporary Chinese law, society, and politics
Luo Zhou Librarian for China; Bibliography and research methods in Chinese studies; history of book collections in China



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