Academics: Graduate Program / Joint JD/MA Program

For those students wishing to pursue both legal and East Asian studies, APSI administers a joint JD/MA degree. Admission to the program is contingent upon admission to the Duke Law School.

To complete the MA portion of the degree, students must complete 10 courses (30 semester hours). Eight of these courses (24 hours) must be graduate-level classes focusing on East Asia, including an integrated core course. While some Law School courses pertaining to East Asia may be counted towards the degree, students must register them with the Graduate School, rather than the Law School. The remaining two courses (6 hours) will be registered as research credits and may be ungraded.

In addition to their coursework, students will complete a capstone project and must demonstrate advanced proficiency in an East Asian language to graduate. For further details, please see our degree requirements.

Completion of the joint degree typically takes three years and one summer.

Questions about the JD/MA in East Asian Studies? For MA inquiries, please contact us at or 919-684-2604. Information about admissions and requirements for the JD portion of the degree can be found here.



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