Academics: Graduate Program / Fall 2015 Courses

Course # Title Instructor Location Time
AMES 232S Chinese Lit/Cult in Translation Guo-Juin Hong Languages 211 W 1:40-4:10pm
AMES 236 Graphic Asia Eileen Chow TBA W 3:05-5:35pm
AMES 316S Breakdancers, Vocaloids & Game Dwayne Dixon TBA TTh 1:25-2:40pm
AMES 332S Storyworlds Eileen Chow TBA M 3:05-5:35pm
AMES 390S Spec Top: Material China Yeongjin Cho TBA T 4:40-7:10pm
AMES 409 Chinese Im/Migration Carlos Rojas TBA East Duke 204B M 7:30-9:45 pm; TTh 1:25-2:40pm
AMES 463S/563S Nightmare Japan Leo Ching Languages 211 T 1:25-3:55pm
AMES 535 Chinese Media & Pop Culture Kang Liu TBA T 3:05-5:35pm
AMES 605, CULANTH 605 East Asian Cultural St Leo Ching TBA W 1:25-3:55pm
AMES 631S Modern Chinese Cinema Guo-Juin Hong TBA T 1:40-4:10pm
AMES 709 Chinese Im/Migration Carlos Rojas Biological Sciences 063; East Duke 204B M 3:05-5:05pm, M 7:30-9:45pm
ARTHIST 432S Pleasure Quarters in Tokyo Pop  Gennifer Weisenfeld East Duke 204A M 1:40-4:10pm
CHINESE 101 First Year Chinese I Tianshu He/Staff See Sched. See Sched.
CHINESE 106 First Year Chinese in Review Chi-Ju Hsieh/Staff See Sched. See Sched.
CHINESE 131 Literacy in Chinese I Dan Wang/Staff See Sched. See Sched.
CHINESE 203 Intermediate Chinese I Yan Liu/Chi-Ju Hsieh/Staff See Sched. See Sched.
CHINESE 305 Advanced Intermediate Chinese Dan Wang See Sched. See Sched.
CHINESE 333 Advanced Literacy in Chinese Yan Liu/Tianshu He/Chi-Ju Hsieh See Sched. See Sched.
CHINESE 407S Issues in Chinese Language and Society I Kun Shan Carolyn Lee Trent 038A TTh 3:05-4:45pm
CHINESE 435S Readings Contemp Chinese Lit I Staff Trent 038B TTh 3:05-4:45pm
CHINESE 455 Modern Chinese Culture Kang Liu Trent 038A M 3:05-5:35pm
CULANTH 241, AMES 231 Migrant China  Ralph Litzinger Friedl Bdg 204 W 4:40-6:55pm
CULANTH 530S Millenial Capitalisms Ralph Litzinger Friedl Bdg 204 M 6:15-8:45pm
HISTORY 220, AMES 337 China Antiquity to 1400 Sucheta Mazumdar TBA WF 1:25-2:40pm
HISTORY 223, AMES 238 Modern China, 1800-Present Niciole Barnes TBA TTh 10:05-11:20am
HISTORY 507S Asian Studies:Fields & Methods  Sucheta Mazumdar Friedl Bdg 216 F 3:05-5:35pm
JPN 101 Elementary Japanese  Hitomi Endo/Naoko Kurokawa See Sched. See Sched.
JPN 203 Intermediate Japanese Hitomi Endo/Azusa Saito See Sched. See Sched.
JPN 305  Advanced Japanese Azusa Saito Trent 039 MWF 12:00-1:15pm
JPN 471S Topics in Classical Japanese John Tucker TBA W 3:20-6:00pm
KOREAN 101 Elementary Korean Eunyoung Kim/Baroney Eun See Sched. See Sched.
KOREAN 203 Intermediate Korean Eunyoung Kim/Baroney Eun Trent 038B, A MW 4:40-5:55pm; TTh 10:05-10:55am
KOREAN 305 Advanced Korean Eunyoung Kim Treht 038A, Bivins 109 TTh 3:05-4:20pm, W 8:30-9:45am
KOREAN 407S Issues in Korean Language and Society I Hae-Young Kim Physics 205 MW 1:25-2:40pm
POLSCI 330 Quant Pol Inquiry and Eval Edmund Malesky TBA TTH 3:05-4:20pm
POLSCI 333S Democracy and Social Choice Emerson Niou Carr 136 TTH 4:40-5:55pm
POLSCI 645S Pol Econ Growth, Stab, & Dist William Keech TBA MW 1:25-2:40pm
POLSCI 751S Empirical Investigation of Gov Edmund Malesky TBA Th 10:05am-12:35pm
PUBPOL 598 Economic Growth and Development Policy Fernando Fernholz Rubenstein Hall 153 TTh 10:05-11:20am
RELIGION 284, CULANTH 284, DANCE 284 Ritual and Performance David Need Gray 220 MW 3:05-4:20pm
RELIGION 328S, AMES 286S Buddhism and Sexuality Hwansoo Kim Gray 220 M 12:00-2:35pm
RELIGION 323, AMES 315 Buddhist Meditation Richard Jaffe TBA W 3:05-5:35pm
RELIGION 411S, AMES 475S North Korea Hwansoo Kim TBA Th 11:45am-2:15pm
RELIGION 680S Buddhist Thought and Practice Richard Jaffe TBA M 3:05-5:35pm
SOCIOL 344 Technology and Organizational Environments Bai Gao Soc Sci 119 MW 11:45am-1pm
SOCIOL 345 Nations, Regions, and the Global Economy Mary Hovsepian Soc Sci 311 MW 3:05-4:20pm
SOCIOL 541 US and Asian Pacific Bai Gao TBA MW 3:05-5:35pm
SOCIOL 730S Prosem: Compar/Hst Sociol Gary Gereffi Soc Psy 329 T 4:40-7:10pm
TIBETAN 101/701 Elementary Tibetan I Rinchen Dolma Perkins LINK 059 MTWTh 10:00-11:15am
TIBETAN 203/703 Intermediate Tibetan I Rinchen Dolma Perkins LINK 059 MW 12:00-12:50pm TTh 12:00-1:15pm




*All assignments must be done on East Asia.

**This course cannot be taken for graduate credit.

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