Events: Research Clusters

APSI supports research clusters, which are made up of faculty and graduate students sharing similar research interests. Members of the clusters meet regularly to hear speakers and explore topics of mutual interest.

The current clusters are:

  • Chinese Environmentalism and the Global Anthropocene
    This cluster will examine issues of environmentalism in China and the global Anthropocene. We are particularly concerned with how these issues are being played out in contemporary China—as air and water pollution are reaching hazardous levels throughout much of the country, and soil degradation is similarly emerging as major concerns—but are also interested in placing these contemporary developments in a broader historical and global perspective.
  • East Asian Language Pedagogy Research Cluster
    The language pedagogy program actively promotes interaction and cooperation on research, pedagogic, and administrative issues among the East Asian language instructors at Duke and across the Triangle.

  • East Asian Religions Research Cluster
    This research group meets monthly to read the work of a scholar in East Asian religious studies. Wherever possible, the group invites the author to join the discussion group. Once a semester, the group sponsors a special lecture on East Asian religions. Current membership includes faculty members from Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC-Greensboro, East Carolina University, Wake Forest University, Davidson College, UNC-Charlotte, NC State University, and Elon College. The group also includes a number of graduate students from area universities. More than half of the participants are Japan specialists. The group maintains a mailing list for the purpose of planning events. Anyone with an interest in East Asian religions is welcome to participate.

  • Triangle Japan Forum
    The Triangle Center for Japanese Studies grew out of the Triangle Japan Forum, and the Forum presently still exists as a joint research group between faculty at Duke, NCSU, and UNC, co-coordinated by professors at UNC and Duke. As part of its goal of highlighting the strength of the Japan Studies community in the Triangle and raising the profile of the subject at the three universities, the Triangle Japan Forum hosts a number of events on each campus, including lectures and lunch workshops where members’ research and forthcoming publications are discussed.

  • Triangle Korea Forum
    The Triangle Korea Forum gathers faculty, graduate students, and the Korean diasporic community at large to promote awareness, dialogue and collaboration about Korea’s local, regional, and global relations among scholars and the community in the Triangle area and beyond. The forum plans to establish an interdisciplinary hub for collaborations in the Southeast region by organizing events of interest to scholars of Korea and acting as a bridge to broader diasporic and local communities in order to foster a sense of community. The Forum will host lectures, seminars, and film series that are open to the public.

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