Funding: Undergraduate Students / Sirena WuDunn Memorial Scholarship

On September 1, 1983, Sirena WuDunn was on her way to Hong Kong for a year of studies when her plane, Korean Airlines flight 007, was shot down by Soviet fighters. Since then, the WuDunn family has worked with Duke students and administrators to endow a scholarship in honor of her life. This was the first Duke University scholarship established to honor an Asian-American student. The award is not need-based; however, should the recipient be on financial aid, the amount of the scholarship will be used to reduce the self-help portion of the financial aid award. The award is given to the student(s) who best embody the ideals and interests that Sirena held. Preference for the award will be given to students who:

1) are of Asian ancestry, preferably Chinese-American

2) have made a valuable contribution in the area of East-West culture &

3) have demonstrated academic excellence

The application deadline is March 4, 2016 by 5 PM.

Application Form and Guidelines

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