Funding: Graduate Students / Summer Research Fellowships

APSI provides summer research fellowships to graduate students in East and Southeast Asian Studies at Duke. The purpose of the fellowship is to provide students working on a dissertation* or an MA capstone research project with funding for travel to archival and research sites in East and Southeast Asia during the summer. The fellowships are open to MA students as well as graduate students in other departments whose primary area of study is East or Southeast Asia. Citizenship is not a requirement for this fellowship, though students must be full-time to be eligible. The maximum award will be $3,000.

*PhD students will be eligible to receive the award twice, once early in their studies to explore their dissertation topic in the field, and once again later to pursue more in-depth field research.

To apply, please submit your application via email to Mary Lagdameo. The application deadline is February 26, 2016. Your application should include:

  • A 2-3 page application describing the research project, including rationale for the project and research methodology. Explain why travel to East or Southeast Asia is required to do the research, what professional contacts have already been established in the region, and how you will gain access to any sample populations.
  • A budget sheet that realistically projects travel, lodging, meals, and other research related expenses. Please also provide information about other potential sources of funding.
  • A recommendation letter from a faculty member who will supervise the project.

Award decisions will be announced in mid-March. All recipients of the fellowship will be required to submit a 3-5 page report summarizing the results of their research by October 1st of the same year the award is received. Recipients will also be asked to share their research experience with their fellow students at one of the monthly Asian Pacific Forums during the academic year following the summer research.

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