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Current Events


Friday, May 9

Reception for Senior Visual Arts Capstone, Graduation with Distinction in Visual Arts and Practice-Based Visual & Media Studies Exhibition
2:00-4:00 PM; Bays 10-12, Smith Warehouse

Baccalaureate Service (surnames A-G, ticket required)
4:30 PM; Duke Chapel and Page Auditorium

Saturday, May 10

Baccalaureate Service (surnames H-O, ticket required)
11:30 AM; Duke Chapel and Page Auditorium

Arts of the Moving Image (AMI) Certificate Distribution and Reception
1:00 PM; Nasher Museum Auditorium

Baccalaureate Service (surnames P-Z, ticket required)
3:00 PM; Duke Chapel and Page Auditorium

President’s Reception
4:00-5:30 PM; West Campus Quadrangle

Graduate School Ph.D. Hooding Ceremony and Reception (ticket required)
5:30 PM; Durham Convention Center

Arts Awards Ceremony
6:00 PM; East Campus Union Marketplace

Forever Duke Commencement Party
9:00 PM-Midnight; Blue Zone/IM2

Sunday, May 11

Procession of Candidates
9:30 AM; Wallace Wade Stadium

Commencement Exercises
10:00-11:30 AM; Wallace Wade Stadium

Art, Art History & Visual Studies Graduation Ceremony and Reception
12:00-2:30 PM; Presidents Room I & Presidents Terrace, Washington Duke Inn

MFAEDA Diploma Distribution and Awards Ceremony
3:00 PM; Nasher Museum Auditorium

Information Science + Information Studies (ISIS) Certificate Distribution and Reception
3:30-5:00 PM; Bay 10, 2nd floor, Smith Warehouse


Senior Visual Arts Capstone, Graduation with Distinction in Visual Arts and Practice-Based Visual & Media Studies

Graduation Reception
2-4 PM, Friday, May 9, 2014

Bays 10- 12, Smith Warehouse
Duke University
114 S. Buchanan Blvd., Durham, NC 27705
(enter through Bay 12)

The Art of Fresco Painting

An exhibition produced in conjunction with ARTSVIS 290S-01, Jin Youngsun, Fulbright Visiting Professor

April 24-May 12, 2014

Rm 200 (2nd floor), Bay 12, Smith Warehouse
Duke University
114 S. Buchanan Blvd., Durham, NC 27705
(enter through Bay 12)

Indigeneity/De Coloniality/@RT

Benvenuto Chavajay.

May 1-August 15, 2014
Frederic Jameson Gallery
Friedl Building
Duke University, East Campus

This exhibition brings together artists from across the Americas working under “decolonial creative practices,” which underline the limits of he conventional art world and offer possibilities of re-existence in contemporary settings across the Americas. Working on various mediums, these artists address indigeneity, decoloniality and/or their intersections through visual and sensorial environments and knowledge. Their creative insurgent practices function as enactments in spaces of liminality of art and life.

Curated by Kency Cornejo, Raul Ferrera-Balanquet, and Miguel Rojas-Sotelo.

Sponsored by Duke Center for Global Studies and the Humanities; Art, Art History & Visual Studies; Romance Studies; Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies; and the Indigeneity in Global Terms Project.

Etruscan Cities

An exhibition produced in conjunction with ARTHIST561/CLST560, Prof. Maurizio Forte

April 17-May 30, 2014
Second floor, Bay 12, Smith Warehouse
Duke University
114 S. Buchanan Blvd., Durham, NC 27705
(enter through Bay 12)

The Etruscans were one of the most important and fascinating civilizations of ancient Italy, deeply influencing the classical world in the Mediterranean basin. This exhibition will focus on the concept and definition of the “city” in Etruscan society and its socio-political role in territorial organization, urban planning, and its reflection in funerary architecture and monumental tombs. The exhibition will include virtual interactive installations, using techniques to highlight innovations in Etruscan studies (Etruscanning Project), and posters explaining key concepts in our understanding of Etruscan cities and society.

Sponsored by the Departments of Art, Art History & Visual Studies and Classical Studies.

Media Arts + Sciences Lab Posters and Videos

February 24 – May 30, 2104
East Duke Building Corridor Gallery
Department News


Congratulations to All of Our Graduates!

2013-2014 Art History Doctorates

Alexis Meredith Clark
Dissertation: “A Republic of the Arts: Constructing Nineteenth-Century Art History at the Musee National du Luxembourg, 1871-1914”
Advisor: Neil F. McWilliam

Kency Cornejo (Summer 2014)
Dissertation: “Visual Disobedience: The Geopolitics of Experimental Art in Central America, 1990-present”
Advisors: Kristine Stiles and Esther Gabara

Aurelia Emilia D’Antonio
Dissertation: “Throwing Stones at Friars: The Church of San Francesco in Piacenza”
Advisor: Annabel J. Wharton

Erin Sue Hanas (Fall 2013)
Dissertation: “Wolf Vostell’s Fluxus Zug, Model Museum, Academy, Archive”
Advisor: Kristine Stiles

Anna Karrer Kivlan
Dissertation: “Metropolitan Dystopia: Color Photographs of Mississippi, Tennessee, and Louisiana, 1968-2005”
Advisor: Richard J. Powell

Jasmina Tumbas (Summer 2013)
Dissertation: “A Matter of Decision: Experimental Art in Hungary and Yugoslavia, 1968-1989”
Advisor: Kristine Stiles

2014 JD/MA in Art History Graduate

Alyson Royal O’Desky
“Augmented Reality”
“The Contemporary Art Market in China: A Fake Market”
“The Academy, the Carnival, and the Exhibition Public”
Advisor: Hans J. Van Miegroet

2014 Graduation with Distinction Majors

Lauren Rose Acampora
Highest Distinction
“Rauschenberg: Collecting and Connecting”
Major: Art History. Advisor: Kristine Stiles

Pavlo Chubinskiy
Advanced Painting Project
Major: Visual Arts. Advisor: Pedro Lasch

Katherine Ann Hardiman
Highest Distinction
“Rauschenberg: Collecting and Connecting”
Major: Art History. Advisor: Kristine Stiles

Emma Rorschach Hart
“Rauschenberg: Collecting and Connecting”
Major: Art History. Advisor: Kristine Stiles

Beatrix Esther Hutton
High Distinction
“Building a Modern Religion: Religious Architecture in Hakodate”
Major: Art History & Visual Arts. Advisor: Annabel J. Wharton

Joi Faith McLaughlin
“Mending Marks: Understanding Patient Rehabilitation through Drawing”
Major: Visual Arts. Advisor: Bill Fick

Faith Alisa Moore
“Experimental Photography: Emphasizing the Beauty of the Disproportionate Human Body”
Major: Visual Arts. Advisor: William Noland

Jordan Marie Noyes
High Distinction
“Street Art on Border Walls: The Context of Space"
Major: Art History. Advisor: Raquel Salvatella de Prada

Chelsea Ann Saunders
“The Bahamas – Perception versus Reality”
Major: Visual Arts. Advisor: William Noland

Sarah Joan Soltis
Highest Distinction
“Noble Conceit: The Painted Portraits of Mistresses and Courtesans”
Major: Art History & History. Advisor: Kristin Lanzoni

Nicole Yoon Ha Whang
"The Intersectionality and the Formation of a Collective Identity"
Major: Visual Arts. Advisor: Merrill Shatzman

Taylor Brett Zakarin
High Distinction
“Rauschenberg: Collecting and Connecting”
Major: Art History. Advisor: Kristine Stiles

2014 Art, Art History & Visual Studies Undergraduate Awards

The Mary Duke Biddle Foundation Visual Arts Award
Nicole Yoon Ha Whang

The Nancy Kaneb Art History Award
Beatrix Esther Hutton
Sarah Joan Soltis

The Sue and Lee Noel Prize in Visual Arts
Joi Faith McLaughlin

Visual & Media Studies Distinction Award
Megan Leigh McSherry (Art History Minor)
Jordan Marie Noyes

2013-2014 Graduating First Majors

Art History & Visual Arts
Beatrix Esther Hutton

Art History
Lauren Rose Acampora, Christina Nicole Canzoneri, Eloise Mary Cartwright, Stephanie Ann Chao, Meghan Cecile Diaz, Katherine Ann Hardiman, Emma Rorschach Hart, Thomas A. Holloway (Fall 2013), Olivia Chichester Moore, Jordan Marie Noyes, Nicholas Spencer Rasmussen, Grace Hae Rim Shin, Taylor Brett Zakarin

Art History & History Interdepartmental Major
Sarah Joan Soltis

Visual Arts
Eun-A Kim, Joi Faith McLaughlin, Chelsea Ann Saunders, Adelyn J. Wyngaarden (Fall 2013)

Visual & Media Studies
Duojie Cairang, Isalyn Fay Connell, Rebecca Lane Davis, Jessica J.A. Lie (Fall 2013), David Delaney Mayer, Hanna Mariam Metaferia, Yu-Ann Ann Niou, Jazmine Victoria Noble, Derek Jay Saffe, Donald Malone Sheppard, Laurel Toyofuku, Taylor Paige Virden

Visual & Media Studies & Women’s Studies Interdepartmental Major
Yunyi Li

2013-2014 Graduating Second Majors

Visual Arts
Pavlo Chubinskiy, Austin Craig Gamble, Jacqueline Ashley Giusti (Fall 2013), Faith Alisa Moore, Nicole Yoon Ha Whang

Visual & Media Studies
Caroline Rose Hartig, Niva M. Taylor, Elizabeth Cameron Turner

Media Arts + Sciences

The conditions for knowledge production in today’s global world have been fundamentally altered by the computational revolution. From experimental practices in the sciences to research methodologies in the humanities, knowledge has come increasingly to depend on the gathering and analysis of large aggregates of data that in some crucial ways cannot be understood or manipulated without the assistance of sophisticated computational methodologies, new forms of visualization and media technologies.

Media Arts + Sciences at Duke looks to integrate multi-modal inquiry, including computational design, data analysis and new media art, with scholarly investigation at the interface of the humanities, the social sciences and the natural sciences. As scholars in both the traditional and the digital humanities, we have understood that computational media has profoundly transformed the research paradigms and epistemology of the humanities and the many disciplines it affects.

Media Arts + Sciences has a university-wide reach with an infrastructure that now include nine fully operational, experimental, and interdisciplinary labs and groups in Smith Warehouse, Bays 10-11.

MA in Historical and Cultural Visualization

Beginning in August 2014, the Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies at Duke University will offer a new Master’s degree in Historical and Cultural Visualization. Developed by the Wired! Group at Duke (www.dukewired.org), the 18-month program integrates historical disciplines and the study of cultural artifacts with digital visualization techniques for the analysis and presentation of research. The program builds on courses and well-developed strengths at Duke, and requires 10 courses over three semesters in addition to summer research. Students will affiliate with an existing faculty research initiative, from which they will develop their own independent research project for the M.A. thesis. Common themes that unite the various projects are the visualization of process, the representation of change over time, recontextualizing displaced objects and object biographies.

The M.A. prepares students for future work in such fields as public history, city planning and architectural design, cultural heritage, museum exhibition design and visualization-based journalism, and provides a springboard for more advanced study in art history, archaeology, architectural history and visual studies. The ideal candidate seeks engagement with the Digital Humanities, and conceptualizes digital visualization as a way of doing research. The program encourages applicants from across the Humanities and Social Sciences, whether from established disciplines, such as history, archaeology and art history, or emerging fields of study, such as spatial history, media arts & sciences and cultural geography.

For the 2014-15 academic year, applications will be accepted until March 31, 2014. Post-deadline applications will be reviewed as space allows. For more information and to apply, visit www.dukewired.org.

MFA in Experimental & Documentary Arts


The Master of Fine Arts in Experimental & Documentary Arts (MFAEDA) at Duke University brings together two forms of artistic activity — the documentary approach and experimental production in analog, digital, and computational media — in a unique program that will foster collaborations across disciplines and media as it trains sophisticated, creative art practitioners. Successful completion of the program requires the development of a complex understanding of documentary practices and traditions as well as creative skills in experimental media and new technologies. THE MFAEDA is a joint program between the Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies; the Center for Documentary Studies; and the Program in the Arts of the Moving Image.


NewsByte is published biweekly during the academic year. It is published monthly during June, July, and August. Please refer all relevant departmental information for inclusion in our e-newsletter to John Taormina, Director, Visual Media Center, at taormina@duke.edu.

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