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Axis of Evil Comedy Show
Saturday, Feb. 24 @7PM in Page
The ASO in coordination with PSA brings you the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour, featuring Ahmed Ahmed, Maz Jobrani, and Aaron Kader. Admission is free at the door. "Axis of Evil" is a comedy group of three men— Maz Jobrani (Iranian- American), Ahmed Ahmed (Egyptian-American), and Aron Kader (half  Palestinian, half Mormon)— who make fun of themselves and the Middle  East. Maz Jobrani stars as "Gary" on ABC's new show, The Knights of  Prosperity, and Ahmed Ahmed is a regular on MTV’s PUNK’D. The  comedians also star in the new Comedy Central show called The Watch  List. For more info about the comedians click here.

Dabke Dance Performance @ MOSAIC Arabian Nights Show @UNC
Monday, April 9  FPG Union Auditorium
ASO's new dabke dance troupe will dance for the first year ever at UNC. Details to follow.

Date TBA
ASO is working with the Arabic department to bring you a night of true Arab culture with great food, film screenings, music, etc. Check back for updates on this exciting event.


The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour recently took place and was pretty funny.

The stand-up comedy of Egyptian Ahmed Ahmed, half-Palestinian Aron Kader and Persian Maz Jobrani entertained a diverse crowd of Dukies and non-Dukies of different backgrounds.

We thank the Persian Student Organization and Duke University for helping bring them here.



The ASO is selling Armbands to raise money for relief for the victims of the war in lebanon this past summer

The armbands cost $3 each, and 100% of the proceeds go the Lebanese Red Cross.

Contact Ramsey Wehbe if you are interested in supporting this cause