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The purpose of SOFC is not only to aid in the provision of events on campus, but also to teach students how to prepare for and host events. A very important aspect of this is keeping and maintaining good records. For this reason, as well as to ensure that funding is spent as SOFC has allocated, groups are required to submit a Post-Event Report form that must be completed and handed in to the DSG Auditing mailbox in OSAF within one week of events funded during by both the Programming and Annual Budget funds.

Failure to file a report shall result in a warning to the organization. Continued failure to file will result in a freezing of the organization’s account (one week after warning). The Auditing Committee has the authority to issue warnings, request that funding be returned to SOFC, freeze an organization’s accounts and recommend that an organization’s account be deactivated.

This is still a rather new process and we would like to work together in order to properly evaluate programs and ensure the proper spending of SOFC allocations. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.



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