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Important Information for Chartered Groups

You are expected to spend all funding as SOFC has allocated. You may not use SOFC funds for events other than those that were specifically allocated for by SOFC or for line-items other than those specifically allocated for by SOFC. If you wish to make changes to an event or line-item, you must first contact either SOFC or the Auditing Committee for approval.

There will be a separate audit procedure for funding provided for expenses that aren’t directly related to events (Part II of the annual budget). In the future (beginning with the 2007-2008 school year), groups will be expected to submit all general expenses on a semesterly basis. On a random basis, the Auditing Committee will choose groups to audit. You are expected to keep track of all expenses and receipts (especially those in which DSG funding is spent)!

Link to annual budget: http://osaf.studentaffairs.duke.edu/images/annualbudget06-07.xls. (Please note that you have to change the tabs to find your group’s name. If you click on the first page, “Summary” and click on your group’s name, it will take you to your page. Also note that groups under the Community Service umbrella begin with CSC, groups under Sports Clubs begin with SCC, and groups under the Pub Board begin with UPB).