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Instructions for Filling out Post-Event Reports for Programming
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Post-Event Reports must be submitted within one week of events. This report will consist of the excel spreadsheet that you have been given by SOFC indicating the amount that you requested and the amount that you have been allocated for each line-item and a copy of your receipts. Please:

  1. Fill out the column titled “Amount Spent” with the actual numbers you spent on each line-item
  2. Make a copy of your receipts.
  3. On this copy, please match the line-items on the SOFC form with the line-items on the receipts that you turn in. For example, if drinks are line item number 2, we ask that you place the number 2 next to all drink items listed on the receipts. (These receipts are separate from the receipts that you turn into Angie in OSAF. Please make a copy of them!)
  4. In the box that asks if you’ve applied to funding from other sources, please indicate other groups that you have received funding from and the amount that they allocated you.
  5. Submit the form and your receipts to the DSG Auditing mailbox in OSAF.