Favorite Websites (contributed by AWN members)

People Finders
Duke online telephonebook
Anywho toll-free directory: courtesy of AT&T Labs
BigBook Yellow Pages: search for businesses in a specific city or state
Switchboard: the people and business directory
WhoWhere: locate people and businesses by e-mail, name, or address
The White Pages: a people-finder

Web Page Locators
American Universities: other American universities' home pages
World Universities
PC Magazine's Top 100 Web Sites
Gateway to Associations Online
Federal Web Locator
New York Times Guide to the Internet

Postage Assistance
zip codes for U.S. cities
The Electric Postcard: send someone an e-postcard
UPS Rate Calculator
Fedex Rates

Travel Resources
City Search: Tourist information on cities
Travelocity: travel deals on hotels, airfare, and rental cars

Research Tools
MLA Style Guide: one guide to citing electronic resources
New York Times Book Reviews: since 1980 (registration required)
New York Times Film Archive (registration required)
Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1830-1930
Once Upon a Lap: children's book reviews
Britannica Internet Guide
Librarians' Index to the Internet
Urban Legends: learn more about scams, virus hoaxes, and other fantasies

Liszt: email list directory
The Motley Fool: financial information
Official Web Site of North Carolina
Price's List of Lists

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