Duke Behavioral Medicine Data Resources


Additional results for Lett et al. Social Support and Prognosis in Patients at Increased Psychosocial Risk Recovering from Myocardial Infarction. Health Psychology 26, 2007: Tables for secondary outcomes

Additional results for Blumenthal et al. Effects of Exercise Training on Older Patients With Major Depression. Archives of Internal Medicine, 1999 Oct 25;159(19):2349-56.: Table of means and standard deviations for the BDI and HAM-D.

Details of propensity scoring and implementation of propensity score in logistic model from Waldman et al. Ethnic differences in the treatment of depression in patients with ischemic heart disease Waldman, S.V., Blumenthal, J.A., Babyak, M.A., Sherwood, A., Sketch, M., Davidson, J., Watkins, L.L. American Heart Journal, January 2009 (Vol. 157, Issue 1, Pages 77-83). : Code for analysis.

EQS and Mplus code for Babyak and Green "The Factor Analytic Side of SEM".
EQS code
Mplus code
Input covariance matrix