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Phytoplankton / Zooplankton Images

Eureka Diatom has good pictures of phytoplankton but is devoted to diatoms.

The Bowling Green site contains many good pictures in this collection which has both fresh water and marine species.

AYMA contains a brief, but nice overview of the major classes of microalgae.

The Adirondak Aquatic Institute has nice collection of phytoplankton images which are organized by class.

The Seawatch site in Thailand is not very complete, but it does contain a few zooplankton images which are difficult to find.

Neuse River

Our neighbors in Morehead at the UNC Marine Lab are currently monitoring the Neuse river for many hydrologic parameters. Several of these projects under the MODMON umbrella contain data which is available through the internet.

The NC Environmental Education Clearinghouse maintains several documents related to the health and politics of the Neuse River.

The News and Observer newspaper based in Raleigh has a searchable database that contains a current record of the on-going political struggle over the Neuse River.

Joan Burkholder and company at NCSU believe that the toxic dinoflagellate, Pfiesteria, is responsible for many of the fish kills observed in the Neuse River.

El Nino

The PMEL laboratory contains one of the most thorough and interesting cites on the ENSO cycle.

NOAA has a great site which documents many causes and effects of the ENSO cycle. In addition, they have a link to a movie image which compares different ENSO events in the eastern tropical Pacific.

Remote Sensing

SeaWiFS, supported by NASA is finally in orbit and provides remarkable near real-time images of ocean color.

AVHRR images, which are here maintained by the University of Rutgers, are very useful in providing comprehensive and detailed coverage of horizontal temperature structure.

NOAA Coastal Services Center has several links that are of remote sensing interest, especially for near shore processes.

Johns Hopkins University Ocean Remote Sensing research group has a collection of links that display archived as well as real-time remotely sensed oceanographic data.

The University of Texas Remote Sensing Unit has a good educational link which details some of the theory behind remote sensing. This site also contains some aerial photography which is quite interesting.

Phytoplankton Culturing

The Provasoli - Guillard National Center for Culture of Marine Phytoplankton (CCMP) is a store house for phytoplankton collections. This site is also quite useful in that it contains culturing instructions as well as media recipes.


The Photosynthesis - Time Link explains the biophysics of photosynthesis in an easy to understand graphical manner.

Utility Links

The Great Circle Distance Calculator simplifies calculating distances in spherical coordinates.

The USGS map site contains all types of pre-made maps that can be used in GIS applications or for other more simple applications.

Geomar has an interactive web accessible GMT program that creates customizable maps. This is extremely handy for plotting cruise tracks. Thanks *Mark*!.

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