BIO114L Spring 1998 Lecture Review Questions

The review questions listed below are intended to review the lecture material. Exam questions are not necessarily based these review questions, but the concepts that these questions cover are important. When using the review questions, we suggest that you first review your study notes, then use the review questions to quiz yourself. "Looking up" the answers in your notes is not as an effective studying technique. If after reviewing your notes you are still unable to answer the review questions, feel free to stop by during office hours or to ask a question in class. Note all files are in *.rtf format which should be accessible from any word processor.

January 16: Introduction, Physics, Marine / Terrestrial Production

January 19: Marine / Terrestrial Production (cont.), Ocean Color Mantra, Physical Environment

January 21: Seawater Chemical Composition, Bacteria / Redox, Photosynthesis

January 23: Light, Pigments / Biophysics of Photosynthesis

January 26: Light / Dark Reactions, Light (cont.)

January 28: Measuring Photosynthesis, Remote Sensing

January 30: Remote Sensing (cont.), Nutrients

February 2: Nitrogen Cycle

February 4: Secondary Production

February 16: Gyre Circulation, Riverine Input, Benthos

February 18: Gyre Circulation (cont.), Gyre Characteristics

February 23: Seaweeds, Coral Reefs

February 25: Coastal Upwelling, El Nino, Equatorial Pacific Upwelling

February 27: Equatorial Oceans, High Latitude Oceans

March 2: High Latitude Oceans (cont.), Ocean Regions Comparisons

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