What Can I do with My Degree in Biology?


The Biology Major prepares students with a solid foundation in Biology for professional and graduate schools as well as the “real world.” Below you will find a list of opportunities for students after life at Duke. Resources to find more information about the listed opportunity are provided.

Medical School (including M.D./ Ph. D and M.D./J.D.)

-The Health Professions Advising Website provides a plethora of information regarding the MCAT, suggested courses, and applying to medical school.

Dental School, Veterinary School, Nursing School, Physician’s Assistant, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy Schools .

-The Health Professions Advising Website has resources for those individuals who would like to pursue a health career in an area other than Allopathic medicine.

Please also see: “Sampling of Health Careers.”

Graduate School in Biology

-The Career Center has great information on how to apply to graduate school, whether graduate school is right for you, and who should you speak with if interested in graduate school. Professors in the Biology department are the best resource for students. Go in with a list of questions regarding how they made their decision to go to graduate school, how they went about it, suggestions re: undergraduate courses, when to start looking for a graduate school program. BIOLOGY FACULTY AND STAFF ARE YOUR BEST RESOURCES!! Dean Mary Nijhout and Norman Keul are also great resources. Make an appointment!

Other options.

-The Career Center is a great resource for students that need guidance in finding a job. Make an appointment with them. Use them as a sounding board, a think tank, and a mentor.