Activities, Seminars, & Events



Upcoming Events

Panel Discussion on How to Get Into Graduate School in Biology

Spring Barbeque

Dinners with Faculty Members (several)

Recent Events

The 1st lecture a part of The Schmidt-Nielsen Distinguished Memorial Lecture Series. Dr. Mary Jeanne Kreek from Rockefeller University in NYC came to speak to ~200 Faculty members and students regarding her work on addictive diseases. The title of her lecture was “Opioids, SNPs and Endorphins.”  It was held in FFSC on October 27th, 2008.

Past Events

Spring BBQ. Open to Faculty and Students.

Biology and Chemistry Union Cocktail Party. Students and Faculty socialized over wine and food catered by Saladelia.

Panel Discussion on Religion and Science. Faculty members and leaders sat on a panel to talk about views of religion and science. Panel members included Faculty from the English department, director of the Orthodox Christian Student Group, and a priest from Duke's Divinity School.

Meetings on East Campus to discuss the Biology Major. Officers answered questions regarding their major and how they got involved in research.

Dinners with Faculty. BMU officers have dinner with an initimate group of undergraduate students and faculty/Deans. Past dinner have been held at the Faculty Club, Marketplace, The Washington Duke Inn, and Club Parizades. Faculty attendees have included: Dean Nowicki, Dr. Motten, Dr. Kiehart, Dr. Alberts, Dean Scheirer, and many more.

BMU hosts and participates in events that help to explain and answer questions regarding the Biology major. Some of these events include information sessions and panel discussions, social events such as cocktail parties and bbqs, panel discussions, and lectures apart of our lecture series The Schmidt-Nielsen Memorial Distinguished Lecture Series. These event help us to connect with other students and faculty as a resource, mentor, or fellow science lover.