Faculty/Staff Resources in the Biology Department. Use them!


Jill Foster, Staff Assistant to the DUS Office, Bio Sci 135.


Contact for: general questions. Who do I get in contact with for___

program? Please put me on the BMU listserv. I need a tutor for my

Biology class, can you please put me in touch with one? How do

I graduate with Distinction in Biology?

Dr. Ron Grunwald, DUS of Biology Department, Bio Sci 136.


Contact for: questions regarding the Biology Major/Minor. I have

AP credit, what should I do with it? I think I am pretty good at science,

but is the Biology Major right for me? How do I get involved in

an Independent Study? What courses are necessary for GRADUATE


Dr. Vickie Knight Eason, M.D., Instructor, Bio 307B


Contact for: questions regarding appropriate courses to take for

pre-vet and/or pre-med. Dr. Eason is a trained veterinarian. She is the

lab head for Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates (Bio 108L) and

Animal Physiology (Bio 151L).

Dr. Anne Yoder, Professor of Biological Anthropology and Anatomy

and Director of Duke’s lemur Center, Bio Sci 315.


Contact for: I want to do research at the Lemur Center, how can I

get involved? I am really interested in lemurs and BAA, I have taken

Introduction to BAA, what do you suggest I take next?

Dr. Julie Reynolds, Instructor for Senior Honors Thesis Writing

Course, Bio Sci 072


Contact for: I have just started my Independent Study and would like

to write a Thesis on the research that I have conducted in my lab. Has

this been done by students in the past? How much research do I have

to have under my belt in order to write a thesis?

Shandra Robertson, IGSP Office for Undergraduate Programs.


Contact for: How to get involved in the Institute for Genome

Sciences&Policy. Certificate Program and questions related to

the IGSP. Please put me on the IGSP listserv to receive

information on workshops, events, and to receive newsletters!

Helen Nearing, Staff specialist at the Duke Marine Lab.


Contact for: I have a question about the courses at the DUML. I have

a general question about the DUML, can you please answer it? If not,

who can?