Neurosciences Learning Resources
Duke University Medical School
Lab 1
Surface anatomy of the human brain
Lab 2
Blood supply of the brain & spinal cord
Lab 3
Sectional anatomy of the human forebrain
Lab 4
Surface anatomy of the brainstem & spinal cord
Lab 5
Sectional anatomy of the spinal cord & brainstem
Appendix 1
The Somatic Sensory Pathways
Appendix 2
Visual Pathways
Appendix 3
Corticospinal/Corticobulbar Pathways
Appendix 4
Limbic System
Appendix 5
Approach to Clinical Cases
Appendix 6
Histology of the Nervous Sytem
Appendix 7
Histology of the Eye and Ear
Appendix 8
Sylvius4 User Manual

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