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  • 2/25/2006 - There's been a lot of new pictures that I added, more from Broomball, and also some random pictures of people from the dorm :) Also the contact info section now allows you to email the person you want to contact.
  • 2/16/2006 - Theres a few pictures that I took from Iceball in the pictures section, go check them out!
  • 2/15/2006 - I just want to put out a word of congratulations, for Ben Guo, who among those reprensenting East Campus in the campus wide Poker Tournament. Ben is living on the third floor of Brown, he loves to hang around the dorm and talk. If you ever run into him, give him congratulations on his great performance.
  • 12/27/05 - First off... hope everybody is having a great break. :) The Brown website got updated. This website will house a lot of important information, just browse through the items in the sidebar to get a feel for what the site offers. Theres a lot of stuff that is still in the development stage, some items are not complete. Just give it some time and most of the missing stuff will be filled in.












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