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Welcome to the Duke University Black Student Alliance. We are currently in the process of renovating our website. Please check back soon for future updates.

Amanda Turner, President

Upcoming Events

BSA General Body Meeting

Tuesday, May 18th
7-8 pm
Social Sciences 139

"A New Day for BSA"

Free Six Sigma Training Seminar

Monday, June 14th
4-6 pm

Six Sigma Online is graciously hosting an 8 hour introductory training session for our BSA and Business Ed students. Six Sigma is a business management style designed to improve efficiency, used commonly in GE and Motorola. Corporations are hiring managers experienced in Six Sigma, so get a leg up on your competition by adding this preliminary basic certification to your resume.

For students going to the training in Florida a bit early to take advantage of the break, make sure to look into accommodations ahead of time. You can get pretty good deals on miami vacation rentals so long as you book them in advance. Look online for a variety of prices and options for your stay down in South Florida.

Summer Reunion Barbecue

Thursday, July 8th
3 pm

Current and past BSA members and their families join together for the annual down home barbecue and family reunion. Food donated by Albertsons and Wilson's BBQ. More details to follow. The BBQ will also feature a food drive by some of our students. If you would like to donate some items, good things to donate are canned food items and non-perishable foods. Some people are surprised at some of the items that are in need and are good to be donated. Items that are hard to come by or are more costly but necessary, such as baby food might be a good item to bring. Other students might want to donate breast milk or baby formula instead.

Online Faxes for Student and Career Networking

For Duke students who are getting closer to their senior year it's never too early to start thinking about career options for after graduation. One good way to network and build professional contacts is by meeting with professionals in your potential fields and building an email list of potential contacts. No need to worry if you aren't set up with your own office yet. Just about everything you need to do in a larger office you can now do on a laptop. From teleconferencing, phone calls, email, and scanning, just about everything is online. Even if you need to send a fax, there is an online fax service that can take care of just about any fax machine needs. If you are looking to work in just about any industry, having an email or fax lists are a good place to start.

Down Under Summer Trip

July 16 - 26

This year's group vacation is all the way to Australia. We will be staying at Palm Cove Hotels, one of the best discount hotels in Queensland. The trip is based around the Aboriginal Strategies 2009 conference, where we will hear speaker Dr. Evans Adams that spoke at our national BSA conference last year about the similarities between the African American issues in US and Aboriginal social issues in AU. After the conference, particpants may travel independently or join a group tour scheduled for Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast. Once again, our trip is subsidized by generous corporate sponsorships, including IBM and Brighthouse. Additionally, for our airfare to Australia, cheap flights are being arranged with 15% discount through a generous donation by Expedia.com.au, must book as group for discount. Please contact Jackie Morgan, Events Coordinator, at jackiem@duke.bsa.edu for more information.

Duke Graduates Stand-Out as Executives

Undergraduate studies is a time for students to explore and learn what most interests them, in the hopes that they find a career or path that let's them grow into a successful leader within the work force. Duke University does everything they can to properly educate and prepare passionate young individuals for life outside of the University. Many Duke graduates go on to leadership positions and are found right out of college by head hunters. Other students go on to start their own businesses, patent innovative technologies for the future and lead some of the most successful corporations in the world. A few executuve search firms on the internet show Duke graduates in leadership positions at Fortune 500 companies and within some larger multi-national corporations. It is up to the next generation of Duke students to uphold this great tradition of successful individuals.

E-Mail Contacts for University Students

University students are learning and preparing themselves for a career field that is increasingly competitive. That is why it is a good idea to start building connections for after you graduate. Many students start building their business mail & email lists well before they graduate. So when they are looking for a job, they already have a place to start with businesses and managers.

First Anual Duke BSA T-Shirt Design Contest

Aug 2 - 7

We are pleased to announce the first anual Duke BSA T-Shirt design off at this year's national BSA conference. Got something important to say? Express your creativity to the world by designing your very own tshirt. More information can be found in the BSA student resource center. The winner of the tshirt design contest will be featured on the finroo.com website. Prizes to be announced.

Student Health Insurance For BSA Members

With health care costs what they are these days, having a health insurance plan is crucial. Although there is hope on the horizon, the new health care legislation recently passed by Congress doesn't take effect for a good long while yet, so for the time being we're on our own. Luckily, BSA members can find some great discounted quotes on Student Health Insurance at gohealthinsurance.com. This is a limited time offer only. So, be sure to take advantage of it while it lasts!

The Weekly Beat: A Subsidiary of the Talking Drum
is the weekly BSA update on announcements, activities, and opportunities for students involved in the Black Student Alliance. Please visit The Weekly Beat for more information

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