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Duke Forest butterflies >> Introduction

Butterflies (and moths) are classified by scientists as insects in the order Lepidoptera (meaning scaly-winged). At least 81 species of butterflies have been recorded in the Duke Forest, nearly half of all butterfly species regularly occurring in the State of North Carolina. Butterflies depend on plants, and the diversity of vegetation and habitats in the Duke Forest results in a high diversity of butterflies.

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Much of the information found on this Web site is available in a glossy, 8.5 x 11 inch tri-fold brochure from the Office of the Duke Forest. Alternatively, you can download your own copy of the brochure by clicking on the image below.

Butterfly brochure

Butterfly collecting

Collecting in Duke Forest is by permit only. Please contact the Office of the Duke Forest at (919) 613-8013 for more information or to report any noteworthy butterfly sightings.

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