Office Supplies

In 2004, Duke and Corporate Express developed a unique partnership in order to "green" Duke's office supplies purchases. Key project components:

    • Identify and appropriately label environmentally preferable ("green") products in the Corporate Express catalog and Eway
    • Educate end users about the environmental impacts of their purchases
    • Develop an accounting system to track Duke's purchasing of green products

The results have been impressive. In the last half of 2004, purchases of products designated with the "EarthSaver" logo increased from 11.6% to 17%. A full 30% of contract office product items are EarthSaver products. Additionally, Duke has switched to remanufactured toner cartridges, which offer substantial environmental and cost savings.

News and more details are available here.


Green Your Office

Eway makes responsible shopping easy!

  • Environmental logos mark green products
  • Duke has a short Shopping List of green products that are available at contract pricing
  • Whenever you order print supplies, Corporate Express automatically replaces your order with a high quality remanufactured cartridge




The Green Purchasing Program is sponsored by Procurement & Supply Chain Management, and by Sustainability@Duke.