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Guidelines for Authors and Reviewers


Steps in Proposing, Preparing, Submitting, and Editing C2 Systematic Reviews outlines the process authors of systematic reviews, review groups, and advisors use to move from an idea for a systematic review to a completed review.


Guidelines for the Preparation of Review Protocols provides guidance for authors considering or undertaking a C2 systematic review. A Campbell systematic review is meant to review and synthesize evidence on social and behavioral interventions and public policy, including education, criminal justice, and social welfare, among other areas. The primary concern is with evidence on overall intervention or policy effectiveness and how effectiveness is influenced by variations in process and implementation, intervention components and recipients, as well as other factors.  

A review protocol is a document that sets out the reviewers’ intentions with regard to (a) the topic and (b) the methods to be used in carrying out a proposed review for inclusion in the Campbell Database of Systematic Reviews, a component of the Campbell Library. Editors of Collaborative Review Groups and other referees as deemed appropriate by the Editors appraise and give feedback on protocols before actual reviews are conducted. The protocols are published in the Campbell Database of Systematic Reviews and are subject to comments and criticisms from users of that Database.