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Methods Subgroups

The Methods Subgroups have five general functions:


provide advice on methodology and methods policy


provide training and support


conduct empirical research


help to monitor the quality of systematic review produced within the Campbell Collaboration


serve as a forum for discussion

Group Name Conveners Available Documents

Statistics Methods



Larry Hedges, University of Chicago, USA

Betsy Becker, Michigan State University, USA


Statistics Group Application

Statistics Policy Brief


Research Design



William R. Shadish, University of California - Merced, USA

David Myers, Mathematica Policy Research, Washington DC USA


Research Design Group Application

Research Design Policy Brief


Implementation Process


Jennie Popay, University of Leeds, UK Implementation Process Group Application




Betsy Becker, Michigan State University, USA

Theresa Pigott, Loyola University Chicago, USA


Training Group Application

Information Retrieval



Hannah Rothstein, Baruch College USA

Herbert M. Turner III, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Julia G. Lavenberg, University of Pennsylvania, USA


Information Retrieval Group Application

Information Retrieval Policy Brief


Economic Methods


Miranda Mugford, University of East Anglia, UK Economic Methods Group Application