The Consortium in Latin American & Caribbean Studies is made possible by a partnership between: the University of North Carolina and Duke University the University of North Carolina and Duke University

Creating a Working Group

The Working Groups provide one of the principal means by which the Consortium discharges its missions to promote interdisciplinary research and innovative scholarship, enhance the experience of graduate education, and disseminate knowledge of Latin America and the Caribbean to the wider university community.  The program supports collaboration among faculty and graduate students from different departments, professional schools, and curricula on both campuses.

 The Consortium will consider proposals that promote interdisciplinary collaborative and creative projects among Latin American/ Caribbean faculty and graduate students at UNC and Duke University. Successful proposals will need to demonstrate strong faculty leadership and involvement. Please note that under this program, the same Working Group will be funded for a maximum of three years – however, an annual evaluation will take place. Proposals will be considered in the following priority order:



Joint Duke-UNC: Led by 2 faculty members (one from each campus) with at least 4 graduate student participants (some from each university).


2-campuses: Led by 1 faculty member (from either campus) with at least 4 graduate student participants (some from each university).


1-campus proposal: Led by 2 faculty members representing different disciplines at one campus and a minimum of 4 graduate student participants from either university. Every effort will be made to maintain parity for single-campus proposals between UNC and Duke. 

In all cases, at least two disciplines must be represented.  


Funds will be awarded competitively to no more than four (4) Working Groups on an annual basis within a budgetary framework up to $5,000 per year. We accept proposals that extend the range of work up to two years and envision a community/academic/exhibit/performance/publication event in the second cycle of the grant.


Proposals must include:

Application Form (see attached)

Questions please contact Miguel Rojas-Sotelo.  Tel. (919) 681 3883


Note: Working Group events have to be open to the public and thereby serve as a way to increase public awareness of Latin America, past and present.   If you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to contact Miguel Rojas-Sotelo, mlr34@duke.edu. 


Documents of Support

Working Group Aplication Form

Working Group Sample Budget

Working Group Reporting Form



2010-11 Working Group Call for Proposals

2010-2011 Working Group Application Form