index.htmlTEXTR*cht7nϯ The Home of Hannun/Obeid Lab Web <P> <BODY BACKGROUND="images/bkgd1.gif" BGCOLOR="#eeeeee"> <H1><CENTER><IMG SRC="images/logo2.gif" WIDTH="420" HEIGHT="70" ALIGN="BOTTOM" NATURALSIZEFLAG="3"></CENTER> </H1> <P><CENTER><BR> <BR> <B>Welcome to Ceramide Web!</B> <BR> <BR> This is the web site for Hannun/Obeid Lab of <A HREF="">Duke University</A> <A HREF="">Medical Center</A>, Durham, North Carolina. Our research is focused on <A HREF="sphingolipid.html">sphingolipid-mediated signal transduction</A> in both mammalian and yeast cells. <BR> <BR> <BR> Around this web site, you will find <A HREF="lab/people.html">people</A> working in the Hannun/Obeid Lab including <A HREF="yeaster/index.html">Yeast Group</A>, <A HREF="protocols/index.html">protocols</A> useful for general and sphingolipid research, <A HREF="">publications</A> from the lab, the <A HREF="parlor.html">Parlor</A> where you could read newspapers or scientific journals, the <A HREF="toolbox.html">Toolbox</A> which has many useful links for research and sequence analysis, <A HREF=""></A> mailing list for the better communication within the lab, and some <A HREF="glossary.html">Glossary</A> for strange (?) terms. <BR> <BR> Help yourself to enjoy the Ceramide Web!<BR> <HR>Any suggestions, kudos, or complaints? Email to <A HREF="">Namjin Chung</A>!</CENTER> </BODY></P>">Chtmp0408BINA????4NBINA????4NB!?ktLOCKQUOTE>

Those who have worked in the lab before

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