[ 3-D structure of D-e-C18 ceramide; Wanna see more? Click here! ]

Welcome to Ceramide Web!

This is the web site for Hannun/Obeid Lab of Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina. Our research is focused on sphingolipid-mediated signal transduction in both mammalian and yeast cells.

Around this web site, you will find people working in the Hannun/Obeid Lab including , protocols useful for general or sphingolipid research, publications from the lab, the Parlor where you could read newspapers or scientific journals, the Toolbox which has many useful links for research and sequence analysis, ceramide@acpub.duke.edu mailing list for the better communication within the lab, and some Glossary for strange (?) terms.

Any suggestions, kudos, or complaints? Email to Namjin Chung!