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Molecular Biology

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Table of Contents (by serial number)

Lipid Protocols

0004 Phosphate Assay by Jiandi Zhang (JZ)
0020 DEAE Column (SJ)
0021 DEAE column: FPLC (SJ)
0022 Desalting Acidic Glycosphingolipids (SJ)
0023 Arachidonic Acid Labeling (SJ)
0024 AA & Metabolite Quantitation of Cell Pellets Post-AA Labeling (SJ)
0025 AA & Metabolite Quantitation of Media Post-AA Labeling (SJ)
0026 Neutralizing Arachidonic Acid (SJ)
0027 Preparation of bOG-DOPG Mixed Micelles (SJ)
0028 [3H] Choline Labeling and TNF Treatment of HL-60 Cells (SJ)
0029 DGK Assay (SJ)
0030 DGK Membrane Preparation (SJ)
0031 Column Purification of Demethylated Sphingomyelin (SJ)
0032 Purification of Demethylated Sphingomyelin (SJ)
0033 Drying Lipids with Liquid Nitrogen Evaporator (SJ)
0034 Glycosphingolipid analysis (SJ)
0035 In vitro Sphingomyelinase Assay (SJ)
0036 Labelled Sphingmyelin Synthesis (SJ)
0037 After Using the Nitrogen Evaporator (SJ)
0038 Phosphate Assay by Suprya Jayadev (SJ)
0039 Purification of Demethylated Sphingomyelin (SJ)
0040 Sphingomyelin Quantitation Post-choline Labeling of HL60 Cells (SJ)
0041 Sphingomyelin Mass Measurement (SJ)
0042 Thin Layer Chromatography (SJ)

Cell Biology & Cell Culture Protocols

0005	Trypsinization of Adherent Cells (SJ)
0006	Freezing Cells (SJ)
0007	Thawing cells (SJ)
0008	Selection of Transfected Suspension Cells (SJ)
0009	Apoptosis: Miniassay (SJ)
0010	Flow Cytometric Analysis of Cell Cycle (SJ)
0011	Cell Disruption and Subcellular Fractionation (SJ)
0012	Mycoplasma Testing with MycoTect Kit (SJ)
0013	NBT assay (SJ)
0014	NBT assay: Brice Weinberg protocol (SJ)
0015	Differentiation with inducers for NBT (SJ)
0016 	Percoll Gradient (SJ)
0017	Proliferation Assay: [3H] Thymidine Incorporation (SJ)
0018	Preparation of TNFa (SJ)

Biochemistry Protocols

0019 Biorad Protein Assay: Bradford (SJ)

Yeast Protocols

0002	DNA Preparation from 10-mL Yeast Culture (NC)
0003	Direct PCR from Whole Yeast Cells: Zymolyase Method (NC)
0046   Yeast Strain: made with FileMakerPro 3.0 on Mac (NC)

Molecular Biology Protocols

0001	E. coli Transformation for Subcloning (NC)
0043	cDNA Synthesis from MOLT-4 Cells(CM)
0044	mRNA Purification from MOLT-4 Cells (CM)
0048    Vector List for Hannun/Obeid Lab

Computer & Miscellaneous Protocols

0045	How to Import Medline Search Result in Reference Manager (NC)
0047	3-D Structure of Sphingolipid Metabolites (NC)