Duke China Care is an independent, student-run service organization at Duke University, and a recognized China Care Club under the China Care Foundation. Our goal is to help Chinese orphans through fundraising for their needs. Cultural and mentorship activities are planned for adopted Chinese children in the local area to foster pride in, and understanding of, their birth heritage

Join our student listserv or parent listserv, and feel free to contact us at chinacare@duke.edu

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How to Donate
From the start of Duke China Care in 2006 to now, we've raised more than $10,000, which funded for the sugeries of 6 children.

If you wish to donate to Duke China Care, you can mail a check to Duke China Care at 101 Bryan Center, PO Box 98976, NC 27708. (Please specify whether your contribution will go to Duke China Care or to the National China Care Foundation). You may also make donations directly to the China Care Foundation through this link. 

News and Updates

If you are having trouble navigating around the site, please email all questions to justin.yu@duke.edu.

We have an exciting schedule of events planned for the spring 2014 semester:

Upcoming Events:

Sunday, November 9th
2:00 to 3:30 pm
Friedl 107, East Campus


A map of East campus can be found here.

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